Through the Mail:

First is a through the mail success – John Carlson of the Washington Capitals:

It’s a design I did so long ago, that I completely forgot that I sent them out.  To be honest I think I did four of the and can’t remember who they were for.  I still love this design and wish that I made a bunch more.

eBay Win:

I have been searching for these lineup cards off and on, to find one below $100 is tough, I nabbed this one at $25.  Every player on the card is currently in the minors right now, but most are doing quite well.

If only one makes it to the pros, that would be great, just imagine of all 10 make it though.  That would be outstanding.

What do you think?


One response »

  1. Luca says:

    That lineup is really cool. I recently met Josh Fellhauer at the Cal-Carolina League All Star Game, really cool guy and a nice auto.

    Tommy Mendonca-Fresno State! CWS Champs.

    Oh wow just realized it’s a USA lineup one, makes it that much better. Congrats

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