The end might very well be near for Terrell Owens.  It was reported by ESPN that in recent weeks he has had an ACL repair surgery and won’t be ready for at least 6 months.  That puts his return in December, however at 37 years and and currently a free agent, his return is starting to look far fetched.

If this is indeed the end of his career, and whispers of Hall of Fame start up, the question is, “Is he a Hall of Famer?”  Certainly if you go by the stats,  he ranks fifth all time in receptions with 1,078 behind Jerry Rice,Marvin Harrison, Cris Carter and Tim Brown. Only Rice has more receiving yards than Owens’ 15,934, and Owens is tied with Randy Moss for the second-most receiving touchdowns (153) behind Rice.  However there is another side of TO, his on and off the field antics.

While sometimes considered a cancer in the clubhouse, his commitment to the sport should never be questioned.  He doesn’t take plays off, he wants to be the go to guy all the time, and if you have ever heard him give a speech when it comes to his foundation, he really is quite an eloquent speaker.  Those who know TO say that what he does in front of the cameras is an act.  He is smart, talented and driven to win.  In my opinion you throw away the antics and focus on his career.

He is a Hall of Famer whether he plays or not this season.  During his career he was one of the most productive wide receivers in the game.  Probably the most productive wide receiver whose quarterback wasn’t named Manning.  While his career is not officially over, I think that he can take solace in the fact that he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Here’s a good question though, how will it impact his cards? Currently his autographed cards go for between $20 – $35.  Assuming that they will take a hit if he doesn’t play immediately and drops say $5 at both ends of the scale  His election into the Hall of Fame could see his cards jump to the $35 – $55 range if not higher.  Definitely a worthwhile investment (if anything in the card world could be considered an investment) in the long run.  I am curious though, what is everyone’s take on not only his injury, but his career, his Hall of Fame chances and his card values?


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  1. I was just discussing this topic last night. Sure there is a chance he might get a call from a contender trying to clinch a playoff berth if he really is ready to go in December, but if he isn’t can I see him coming back next year?

    You know, with Owens though I’ve learned you never say never. In 2004 with Philly to come back and play in the Super Bowl, well before he was expected to be ready to go, the guy is a warrior. And he’s one of the best. He’s just brash, and arrogant which is the reason most don’t like him.

    I don’t like him because I’m a Ravens fan, although to be fair, I can’t blame him for not wanting to go to a franchise with Kyle Boller at QB, lol.

  2. Brian B says:

    Stats dont lie, they are very Hall of Fame worthy, but so were Jim Rice’s stats, and due to his off field stuff, even though very different than T.O., it will be a long wait before he ever gets into Canton, he will, and should get in. No doubt they will make him sweat it out for a long time.

  3. Corky says:

    Not counting his attitude he is definitly in the top tier off all-time receivers. He may not be a first-time ballot guy be he will end up where he belongs, like him or not you have to admit he does (did) have the talent.

  4. Mike D. says:

    I think T.O. really has no argument against as to why he belongs in the Hall Of Fame. His numbers alone are stacked against the greatest ever, he was a top-tier receiver at every stop of his career, including Cincinnati that already had a go-to-guy in Ochocinco. His attitude isn’t really any different to that of some others that no one would deny are worth it: Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, etc. Too bad T.O. didn’t go to college at Miami, then he would fit right in with most of my examples!

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