• Near-Mint to Mint condition
  • Comes with a 1-screw holder for protection

All this for $7.99 + Shipping! <link>, maybe Harold is too much star power for you and you need someone a little less known, then Scott Spiezio is more your style:

Retail price? $17.99 plus tax!  You might be wondering where you can find amazing deals like this?  Why straight from the Topps / MLB store!  That’s right you too can get amazingly ripped off for some of the most over produced cards in baseball card history!  Deals such as:

Aaron Boone Topps Rookie card – JUST $19.99

Paul LoDuca Bowman Rookie – JUST $17.99

Javier Vasquez Bowman Rookie – AMAZINGLY LOW $19.99

Troy Glaus Bowman Rookie – WHAT?!?!?! $17.99

But that’s not all, act now and you can receive:

The Bowman 1989 COMEBACK EDITION Factory Set. This is over 20 years old folks! You can’t buy this in stores anymore! It can be yours for . . . . the ridiculously low low price of $47.99.

Yep, Topps and MLB, working together to bring you the best of the best at low unbelievable prices!


6 responses »

  1. Ryan G says:

    Yep. And then clueless people digging through their closets see prices like that, pull out their 1990 Topps cards and think they’re a steal at $1 each.

  2. Is Topps doing its best impression of your Craigslist idiots?

  3. Reivax says:

    I think the screw top holder is $7.89. The card is $0.10.

  4. John Bateman says:

    The Bowman set is probably the best bargain it might be selling at twice of what it is worth.

    But the Spiezio rookie and the other rookies – these are 5 cent cards.I doubt you could get the above prices even if the players certified autograph them.

  5. chrisborene says:

    its not even worth that much autographed and in a screwdown, thats ridiliculous

  6. vio789 says:

    How much would the Troy Glaus card be worth? I thought it might go for $5 maybe. Of course I don’t pay attention to card prices so I probley don’t know.

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