Today on the drive to work I heard about Kerry Collins deciding to call it a career. Whenever a player retires, I try and decide if he is Hall of Fame member.  My gut reaction was no, then I learned that he is a 16 year veteran and is a top of a lot of career marks for quarterbacks.

Here is a breakdown of his career stats:

  • 9th in career passes completed
  • 9th in career pass attempts
  • 11th in career passing yards (over 40,000 yards)
  • 29th in career passing TDs
  • 31st in career passing yards per game

Of course on the bad side of his career:

  • 28th in career interceptions
  • 24th in career sacks
  • 34th in career yards lost (sacks)

My bottom line in Hall of Fame selection is simple, during his time in the NFL was he one of the best at his position to play them game.  My answer is no.  He never had a season more than 22 touchdowns in a season, only 2 pro bowl appearances and no post season hardware.  Postseason record was just 3-4, over the course of 16 seasons.

As for Kerry’s card and autograph in general, it’s quite affordable.  His autographed cards can be had for $3 or less.  Heck you can even get an autographed helmet for under $20.  The thing is though that I can’t even recommend getting his autograph at those prices.  I just don’t see a huge demand for him.  In the end, it’s a solid vagabond like career but not enough for enshrinement.

What do you think?


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  1. Brian B says:

    As a HUGE Giants fan, none of us will ever forget the 41-0 THRASHING of Minnesota in the NFC Champoinship, but the next game he played, had the score gone the other way, he might have had a shot at the HOF, but he wont get in, but in the end, had a pretty damn good career, stuck around ALOT of years, and came out of some rough times pretty well in the end, because it really could have gone another way, if he didnt make some important life choices.

  2. commishbob says:

    Only if he buys a ticket. Those numbers won’t get him a sniff. He’s an easy ‘no’.

  3. cubsfan731 says:

    Nope. As much as I’d like it to happen, it ain’t gonna.

  4. Nathan says:

    I agree, it’s definitely a no 🙂

  5. a really good, solid quarterback who played on some horrific teams.

    I’d have him on my team, but no, he’s no Hall of famer.

  6. Nick says:

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO.

  7. No but I wish he would. I have a few dozen KC rookies in a box somewhere from back in the day.

  8. jj says:

    no hall of famer but you will have to admit he will be hard to forget, maybe it will happen anything is possible.

  9. Mike D says:

    If I were choosing Hall of Famer worthy names, you certainly have to give his numbers a second look. He does rank among some of the greats in career numbers – career touchdowns he ranks ahead of Kenny Stabler and Bob Griese and just below Kurt Warner and Terry Bradshaw. If he completed one more bomb, he would have passed Joe Montana for 10th all-time in passing yards. Certainly worthy of a second look.
    But when I think HOF, I think you have to have a defining moment, and Collins just doesn’t have one. He made a Super Bowl and is on the Tony Eason side of crushed by a superior defense. There may be a day for Collins some day, but his numbers might need to simmer a little longer to be heavily considered.

  10. Jon says:

    I agree not a HOF’er but a very very good player in college and the NFL that had he been able to stay more in focus on his career could have been great and a HOF player. He was born like a hour away from me and I followed him at Penn State, he sure could throw a deep out and did know how to read zone defense also. If lets say Christan Ponder has a Collins like career then that is a good thing minus the off the field stuff he went through.

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