If you go down the list of the members of the 3000 hit club, every one of the players is fairly well known except for one Paul Waner, who also has one of the greatest nicknames of all time: Big Poison.  I figure it’s Friday, why don’t I do an informative post about one of the greatest players you never heard of.

A 20 year veteran who played for the Pirates, Dodgers, Braves and Yankees, he along with his brother Lloyd (Little Poison) currently hold the career record for hits by brothers (5,611).  They have more hits than the Alous’ and DiMaggios’, each of which had three compared to the two Waners.  Paul is not only in the 3000 hit club, but also the 600 doubles, and 175 triples club.

He won the MVP award in 1927, led the league in batting on three occasions and had a 0.333 career average.  If you want to know just how good he was, his number one comparison is Tony Gwynn.  Amazing that it took him 6 ballots to get into the Hall of Fame.  As with most ball players from that era, his autograph is pretty expensive, but attainable around $300 – 400.  His cards are another story, they can be had for between $50 – 80.  My favorite is the 1933 Goudey card pictured below.

 You might have heard of Big Poison and Little Poison, but did you know their real names?

3 responses »

  1. Dave says:

    Waner’s are both underrated players. I got Little Poison’s auto through the mail quite awhile ago. One of the cherished parts of my collection.

  2. sfs2003 says:

    As a lifetime Buccos fan, I know these guys well.

  3. tomseaver says:

    The 1933 Goudey card shows Waner holding “Big Woody”, his personal favorite weapon.

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