(Cincinnati, OH) – As we all knew this day would come, it’s 16 seasons in the making.  He’s played on 12 different teams and has worn 15 different uniforms. Yes in mere days Miguel Cairo will almost certainly get his 1000th career hit.  His career has certainly gone from coast to coast and finally he enters the 1000 hit club.

Miguel Cairo – Reds

It wasn’t until last week that Miguel even thought it was going to be possible.  Cairo was recently quoted as saying, “I don’t get to the plate as often as a starter so I figured I would never reach the milestone” he continued, “Our statistician came over and told me that I was just 11 hits shy of the exclusive club.”  With 38 hits this season, he is certainly on pace to wind up with over 60 hits and might even pass Scott Podsednik.  “I knew when I passed Geoff Blum I had a shot, but it wasn’t until I passed Marlon Byrd and Jerry Hairston, that I realized that this might be for real.”

Miguel Cairo super-collector Ryan Lawton couldn’t be happier.  Lawton was recently quoted as saying, “I starting collecting Miguel back in 1992 when he first broke in with the Dodgers.”  he went on saying, “I now have almost 200 of his cards.  Currently I have the biggest Miguel Cairo collection in the world.”  200 might not sound like a lot of cards, but given that Cairo may only appear in one or two out of 45 sets in a year, that is quite an accomplishment.  Lawton has gone viral with his collection, writing the blog “Cairo Rulz”, which averages nearly 10 hits a day.  Also he runs the Miguel Cairo forum where there are five other active members discussing how nice Miguel’s cards are.

Ryan Lawton – Miguel Cairo Super Collector

In anticipation of this milestone, Stiener Sports collectibles has already had Miguel sign about 25 balls with his autograph and the inscription 1K hit club.  Sales are not expected to be robust, but VP of Marketing Stan Stiener says, “This is a major milestone for Miguel and we at Stiener Sports know the Cairo collectors of the world are going to want this signed piece of history.”  No price has been set on the merchandise, but as you would expect it’s going to be one tough piece of memorabilia to pick up.

Just some of the balls signed by Cairo

As you can imagine fans have been lining up to see his historical road to 1000 hits.  Reds home ticket sales are up 2%, although it can also be noted that there have been some great promotions at the park.  Die hard Miguel Cairo fan Vance Studer was quoted as saying, “I really hope I can catch that 1000th hit, if he homers and I catch it there is going to be some negotiations regarding giving back the ball.”  Experts feel that being able to get the high $20s is not out of the question.  An anonymous Reds representative has said that they have a nice package in the event the prize ball leaves the yard.  “The person will get a chance to upgrade his or her seat to any seat in the stadium not in use.  Also we have a Miguel Cairo signed ball and they of course will get a chance to shake hands with the legend himself, Miguel Cairo.”

Upon news being spread of the milestone, Miguel Cairo cards have seen as much as a 100% bump in value from $0.05 to $0.10, with autographs nearing the 50 cent mark.  Says super collector Lawton, “My prized possession 1/1 autograph of Miguel might hit a $1 after his milestone hit.  I couldn’t be happier!”  and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Rare Miguel Cairo card

It’s going to be a special day whenever Cairo smacks his 1000th hit, but the 37 year old will take it in stride.  “It’s been a long career for me, I’m just hoping I get enough at bats to do this by September.”  He will surely be pressed to find those at bats but we here at BadWax.net have our proverbial fingers crossed.

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  1. Brian B says:

    What another GREAT way to start the day, and being an X Yankee, didnt hurt Miggy’s story!! AWESOME

  2. cubsfan731 says:

    For a Cairo collector, that guy has a lot of Griffey stuff. I loved this!

  3. Weber 10 says:

    i bet ryan lawton is still a virgin too

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