I took the weekend off, to think about the blog and where I should go with it.  Over the course of three and a half years and over 1900 posts, sometimes it gets difficult to come up with fresh ideas.  I love doing Craigslist Idiots but I haven’t had any luck in months.  I wanted to write something creative so that was what spawned the parody posts.  I thank everyone for their comments, both positive and negative.

So I will continue to write about cards, and probably once a week throw in a parody post, trying to center it around the card industry.  I’ve also gotten flack for putting in my custom cards.  Maybe I have put on a little too many, but this is a blog that centers around my collecting.  I really enjoy making custom cards and I know I’m not alone since many of my readers have asked for my help in designing and getting custom cards.

So don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, just wanted to give everyone an update.  I love blogging and until I get sick of it, I won’t stop blogging.  I hope everyone continues to enjoy the site and I hope to write some entertaining posts.

-Mike aka chemgod


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  1. Joe L says:

    Mike you said it best, it’s your blog and you post whatever you want. If you want to do the parodies and enjoy writing them then keep doing it. I don’t know who’s sick of looking t your custom cards either, they’re better than just about anything being put out by the card companies these days so I think if you want to keep posting those too. Your blog is one of only about 10 I read regularly anymore so as far as I’m concerned you’re doing great.

  2. Pat says:

    I’d second what Joe L said – write about things that you enjoy – don’t worry about people saying they don’t like it, because there will always be someone who disagrees with what you are / are not writing and how you’re doing it.

    Given that you’ll never get rich blogging, at the very least you can make it something that you like writing about.

    To the people that are complaining, I say shut the heck up. Any entertainment you get from this is totally free – complaining about free content makes you seem like a whiner.

  3. Dante says:

    That sounds cool. It’s a little mix of everything.

  4. sfs2003 says:

    love to custom cards. i don’t see why anyone would give you flack about posting them. its your blog!
    also, i had an idea for a custom card. how about a namesake one featuring frank thomas and frank thomas?

  5. Mike D says:

    I further the nods from the masses – this is your blog! Anyone reading this has enough disposable time they could easily find a new home if they tire of the current topics. While I wasn’t a fan of the sudden Onion twists, I have always liked your product, even own one of your customs and have made a trade with you to keep the wife happy! Keep doing what you are doing, it’s quality material for a bargain price!
    Also, sfs2003 has a good idea on the custom connections – maybe its a fresh idea given that new CBS show with the like names changing roles…
    Kurt and Curt Warner, Franks Thomas, Steves Smith (WRs) and maybe even 1/1 parallel with a swatch of Steve Smith, former NBA player included as a Tri!

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