OK so I lied to bring you to the website, he isn’t selling his collection.  I’m not even sure if he has one.  But look at this:

image 2

One of our fellow readers asked me to do a craigslist idiot of this ad:

Baseball Cards – $50

Although I tried to hook the seller, I just couldn’t get past the initial exchange.  But it’s so over the top horrible I had to show it to my readers.  Here is the ad in it’s entirety:

image 0image 1image 3

1985 Topps Tim Belcher rookie #281 – 20 card lot
1988 Topps Traded Tim Belcher #12T – 90 card lot
1988 Topps Shawn Hillegas rookie #455 – 200 card lot
1989 Topps Ramon Martinez rookie #225 – 75 card lot

Asking $50 for everything, or best offer. Can meet locally to deliver.

Now I’m not saying that $50 for 385 cards is a horrible deal, I mean it’s just 13 cents a card, but look at the horribleness that you are getting.  I mean even a Dodger fan would have to admit this is a terrible lot.  What can you possibly do with 200 Hillegas rookie cards?  It’s not like you can sell them, and making a photo mosaic is out of the question.  Also of all of Tim Belcher’s cards, why is an ’88 Topps traded Belcher a must own card?

Think of these cards from the seller’s prospective, I can understand the Hillegas cards as it was his rookie year and 200 of them was a nice investment.  I can even understand the ’89 Martinez, although I think he bought the wrong Martinez brother.  Now on to Tim Belcher, that ’85 card is worthless along with the ’88 Traded card.  What was the thought process when investing in those two lots?  I’m fairly sure the ’85 card was worthless in ’87 as well.  Although I will admit that the lot of traded cards is always cool.  Much tougher to find a lot of traded cards than regular set cards.

Overall $50 is a bit steep for these cards, but I will admit I’d be interested in it if the price was below say $10.  That’s just me though, there may be others willing to pay more, but overall I think that $10 would be fair.

What do you think?




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  1. John Bateman says:

    The real mystery here is why this guy has 200 Hillegas (though I do think it is one of the best looking cards in a set that has gotten better with age). Was he prospecting back then.

  2. dave h says:

    As a kid I used to shoot 1991 UD baseball cards with my pellet gun. My favourite target was Melido Perez. I could see myself getting back into shooting if it meant I had 200 Shawn Hillegas’ to shoot at

  3. matt says:

    Belcher was a solid pitcher. The 85 didn’t really count as an RC back then because it was in a subset and the 88T was his first Major League card. I’d laugh at the investment, but I’ve got a stack of 200 88T Mickey Morandinis that suggests I live in a glass house…

  4. Axemanohio says:

    Now it’s $40 for the lot. Still $30 too high for a good old bipping lot.

  5. Mike D says:

    If you send the Hillegas cards as a Bip, does that mean you’re giving someone the “Hillegas”?

  6. Mike D says:

    Yeah, pretty much what I was going for! Gassed or Hillegassed, just to keep in the Bip theme.

  7. gcrl says:

    yes, as a dodger fan, i will attest that this is a bad lot. now if he had a few of the 89 upper deck hillegas/brian holton variations, then i might be interested at $5 or so.

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