File this under, you are freaking insane.  Recently a red boarder Bowman Bryce Harper autographed card sold on eBay for nearly $6000.

OK now I understand wanting Harper’s autograph, I have one on a bat <link>, but given how many Harper autographs are out there, the value is just going to be pounded into the ground like his recent stretch in double A.  We have to have a reality check, why is it that a card with a red boarder is worth 50x more than a regular boarder card <link>,

Harper at 100 bucks is an investment, at 6000 bucks is completely overpriced and will only go down in value.  You can make any argument you want about rarity or whatever the fact is a signature is a signature.  There just is no way it’s worth 50x more.  The hobby is friggin nuts!

Now throw on the fact that he hasn’t adjusted to double A life yet.  Hitting just 0.208/0/2 for Harrisburg with a strikeout every 5 at bats.  I’m just not sure that I’d be investing so much into him at this point.  I mean wants to say that he won’t end up a Mark Reynolds?  Hitting 40 homers and striking out 200 times.  Striking out has always been a problem for him, now that he facing arguably the best pitching he has ever faced in his life he is having issues.  He will push through, he will learn to hit but the rush to get him to the majors is going to hurt him long term.

I’m just saying I’m not paying 6K for anyone, let alone a 19 year old who can’t hit AA pitching.  What do the readers think?  How much is his autograph worth?  Does parallel make a difference to you?


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  1. Paul says:

    If I could get Harper’s autograph at the ballpark, I’d want it. If I could get a signed card for $10-$20, I’d be interested – that way, it would still be a fun item if he turns out to be the biggest bust since Brien Taylor. Any more than that? I’ll pass. It’s a little early to start thinking about the Hall of Fame for a guy who’s having trouble with Double A pitching.

  2. Paulie3jobs says:

    Does the regular auto have the biblical connotation? Maybe that’s why it’s so high. Seriously though, some people have more money than brains. Who cares if it’s a low numbered parallel. The kid is still unproven and over-hyped, save your money for proven commodities.

  3. Mike D says:

    I don’t know where I read the statement, but I heard there is nothing more sensational than collecting Bryce Harper right now. I go back just one year to Stephen Strasburg, who was supposed to be the savior for the hobby. And right now he is more Mark Prior than Nolan Ryan. I have heard more stories than I can count about kids with heightened expectations having too many people around that coddle them, which facilitates the poor attitude, which sometimes leads to flameout careers.
    For Harper’s sake, I hope that doesn’t become the case. For deep pocketed investors, the same people paying 6K for a red parallel auto either missed out on Strasburg Bowman autos last summer or are sitting on them mad as hell they spent 6K last July!
    As for parallels holding value, I am the same idiot who gets into bidding wars with people trying to snag a /25 or /34 UD Masterpieces Walter Payton because for whatever reason I need the silver and burgundy parallels to make myself feel complete……

  4. Joe L says:

    I’m with you Paul, I wouldn’t pay more than $20 for his autograph at this point.

  5. B says:

    Is this a joke Chemgod? We all know how you like to get tricky with us nowadays…..

  6. Jack says:

    Shits crazy.

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