I was cruising around the blogosphere yesterday and landed on the 1975 Blog <link>.  I started getting all nostalgic.  Even though I wasn’t even 5 at the time, I have grown to love this design and the set.  When I first started collecting cards, my first look into the set was a 1975 Topps Mini Reggie Jackson.

As you can see it’s about 75% of the original, and the set was 660 cards, just like big brother.  It’s not a rare set by any stretch of the imagination, as it was marketed just as strongly as the original set.  There just is a certain cool factor associated with it.

I told my wife yesterday that whenever our bet is over.  Yes, the bet is still going strong after 3 months.  That’s 3 months that I have not purchased a card other than 2001 Bowman Chrome refractor autographs.  But I think I am going to chase this set.  From what I have seen on eBay, if condition is not a problem you can find lots of 50 cards for between $5-$10 shipped.  Even less if you look.

This set, in my opinion, was the second best design of that decade (always have a soft place in my heart for the 1977 design), and the fact that it’s a mini makes it that much cooler.  So if you are looking for a set to put together that won’t break the bank and might be a lot of fun, look no further than 1975 Topps Mini.

Is anyone trying to put together an older set (pre- 1980)?

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  1. Paulie3jobs says:

    The Brett and Yount rookies from that set will kill you financially. I am still working on a 1973 Topps set. Only need a handful of high numbers, but one is the Schmidt rookie, which will kill me financially.

  2. MattR says:

    I’ve been working on 1973 Topps for quite a while. I still need about 50 cards. Unfortunately, one of those cards is the Mike Schmidt rookie card.

  3. deal says:

    Agreed all around – on line I have picked up lots in that .10/cd range. if I find star cards at a show from this set for a quarter I typically pick them up.

    I even go as Hi as a dollar or 2 for HoFs – which I would probably rarely do for a non RC for anything 1974 or later.

  4. night owl says:

    Good luck to you. It’s a great set to chase. As the blog author, I may finish it off one day. But right now, trying to complete the ’71, ’72 and ’77 sets is keeping me busy.

  5. Russ says:

    I’m (slowly) working on a 1956 Topps set. I fell in love with the artwork of the Ted Williams card about 20 years ago and now I only need about 15 cards. To keep the cost down I’m accepting any condition. The commons have run me about $2-3 each and my Mantle is written on and abused so it cost me about $80. It’s going to feel good when I finish the set.

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