I come home last night and fire up the net and low and behold, Ervin Santana throws a no-no.  Now I have been a fan of Santana since he was in the minors and I have to say, never have I collected a player as frustrating to watch as Santana.  Then I thought about it for a bit and come to the conclusion, this happened once before in my years of collecting, with Brett Saberhagen.

The porn ‘stached former Royal, Met, Rockie, and Red Sox who was the master of performing well every other year.  You might be thinking, chemgod, Saberhagen was a great pitcher and Santana isn’t, and you would be right, sort of.  Although Saberhagen is remembered as a tremendous pitcher and was wildly popular, he was at best a number two guy and realistically a number 3 guy.

Take away his two Cy Young seasons and you have an average pitcher.  In fact take away those seasons and his numbers really resemble Santana’s.  Santana has great stuff, that is not up for debate, on any given night he can strikeout eight or more batters.  Unfortunately for the most part, on any given night he can blow up and let up five or six runs and not get out of the fourth inning.  For a fan, it’s the equivalent of getting into a Porshe and being told to keep it under 35 mph.  Amazingly frustrating!

Clutch by an Angel: Ervin Santana no-hits the IndiansThis same crew high fiving Santana will be the same ones cursing him come his next start.  

If you look at his stats over the course of his career, they aren’t bad.  A career 82-63, ERA of 4.31 and a WHIP of 1.31.  They aren’t Hall of Fame numbers, not even Hall of Very Good numbers, but they aren’t terrible.  At best he’s a number two starter, but realistically he is a mid to back of the rotation guy.  Which is why it is so infuriating, obviously he has good stuff, why the hell can’t he string more than two good games together in his odd seasons.

His autograph that was going for $1-2 yesterday is going for $5-15 today, and after his next start they will go back down to $1-2 again.  I’ve followed his values hoping to get some return on investment as I only paid $2 for most of his autographs.  My fearless forecast for the season’s stats . . . 9-12 with an ERA of 3,85 and a WHIP of 1.28.  We should all look forward to next season when he should bounce back with a great season, it will be an even year after all.


Name the player that infuriates you, knowing he has a ton of talent and only shows it sporadically?


8 responses »

  1. Daniel says:

    B.J. BLEEPIN’ Upton!!!!

  2. Dave says:

    Former basketball player Derrick Coleman. He could have been one of the greatest ever.

    • chemgod says:

      As a Jersey boy, I totally agree. I heard the moniker “lazy, fat, a$$” associated with him way too many times.

  3. Mike D says:

    Pick any one of the Cubs’ overpriced “superstars”: Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Zambrano, Carlos Marmol and Geovany Soto in the modern day. One of the guys that was super hyped coming out of the minors that never seemed to make a dent is Corey Patterson. I could also make a case for Kevin Brown…

  4. bamlinden says:

    From the hockey world, Alex Kovalev.


  5. Javarius says:

    Jonathan Sanchez of the Giants. Such good stuff but just can’t focus at times.

  6. Brian B says:

    AJ Burnett, looks like Cy Young for 5 innings, then gives up a touchdown before the bullpen can get ready in the 6th

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