A few years back the hobby world went crazy for Hunter Pence.  It wasn’t because he was on the Astros that is for certain.  It was because he was a young player who could mash homers and steal a few bases.  His  cards skyrocketed and for the most part, still remain probably higher than it should be.

Being on the Astros is a lot like being sent to prison.  You know the team is going to do nothing in the free agent market to make the team better.  You know it’s a home grown talent team, that unless superstars make it up from the minors, the team is going to be really bad.  Of course once a superstar makes it up from the minors, their time in Houston will be short as the ‘Stros are always stockpiling their minor league system.

I recently got a chance to speak with someone who knows Brett Wallace well, and he is clearly frustrated.  From all the reports I read about Pence, he felt the same way.  Here is my million dollar question though,  if he was with, let’s say the Phillies (since they have him now) would his cards be worth more, less or the same as they are now.  I mean he essentially replaces Werth, both as a sense of speed and power.  Jayson Werth’s cards aren’t worth that much, so does that mean Pence’s cards will take a hit this off season?

Jayson Werth’s autographs are worth between $1 – $5 for the most part.  Hunter Pence’s autographs are going for between $25 – $60 on eBay.  I don’t quite understand the disparity.  The only thing I can come up with is that Pence was a solid player on a bad team, while Werth was a solid player on a great team.  So I think that teams do dictate the price of a card.

Where are you on this?  What’s with the disparity between similar players?


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  1. Paul says:

    Don’t overlook the terrible year that Jayson Werth is having.

    Neither player is really part of the elite class that should appeal to collectors on a national level, though.

  2. deal says:

    Hunter probably no longer ceilings as High as Werth either. Pence is a lot younger and has potential – Many of Werth’s autos are in unis other than the Phils – I think the Phils Autos tend to run quite a bit higher then the many cards issued w/ the Dodgers and O’s

  3. Mike D says:

    I think if you take the values right now, your theory of great team versus last place makes sense. Philly also has a huge, loyal following that will embrace and characterize anyone so long as they produce. Case in point with Roy Halladay. His cards were decent with Toronto, but put him on Philly and they have added value.
    As far as location, Philly and Houston are both huge markets, but Houston has never struck me as a “major” market. The Astros were in the World Series in 2005, but were dwarfed by the White Sox in terms of coverage and notice. Given Philly’s recent success, and its proximity to New York, a Hunter Pence (or God forbid had Beltran been picked up by them!) – you’ll see the spike.
    I think Werth lost his “worth” when he signed that titanic contract with Washington, for absolutely no reason other than to sign a titanic contract. He was good, but not $100-plus million good. And with a Nationals market that is completely focused on Bryce Harper and to a lesser degree Stephen Strasburg, Werth and also Ryan Zimmerman get second fiddle.

  4. Cam says:

    In my opinion, if you actually have the cards above I want them 😉

    I think he has a lot more potential as he is younger. And as a phillie, his cards will sell for more (Which is bad for me) because the Phillies are a high market team who’s cards have high value.

  5. John Bateman says:

    Pence’s autos are not going that high – I bought 2011 Topps Auto as part of a lot with an 2011 Marlon Bryd auto and Josh Tomlin auto for less than 7.50 postpaid recently

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