(San Diego, CA) – Local San Diego resident Dan Turner is distraught after learning that his entire collection of 245 Tony Gwynn cards are Chinese knock-offs.  Upon posting a Craigslist.org ad trying to sell his impressive collection an alert buyer told him that his card might be fake.  His add can be seen below:

Tony Gynn – $25300

perfect condition in plastic folders: baseball cards: 45 rookie cardis, one of them signed. 200 Tony Gynn cards at most stages of his career; other quality cards: rookie Cal Ripken, and many others

Turner was quoted as saying, “I am absolutely devistated! I remember thinking when I bought the cards off of eBay that it just didn’t look right.”  He went on to say, “I had my heart set on a double wide and now I just don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Apparently Turner who is a life-long Padres fan bought the cards almost a decade ago, “I remember, it was 245 cards for $1000 or a little less than three dollars a card.  I thought it would be a great investment.  I saw a mobile home for sale and I knew it was time to unload the collection.  I felt so dumb when the potential buyer told me it was a knock-off.”

Chinese fake reproductions have been infiltrating the hobby for a number of years. Industry expert chemgod from the famed blog Badwax said, “Normally you can tell from the misspellings of names.  In this case Gynn should have obviously been Gwynn, but that’s how the counterfeiters get you, they are hoping your eye won’t catch it.  They play serious mind games out there.”  Turner currently has no plans for the cards and his dreams of his very own double wide are now off the table. “I’m just going to have to come up with the money another way.” Turner said.

Upon this story getting out, sales of Albert Pulos and Cal Riken cards have also been pulled from a number of eBay auctions.

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  1. Daniel says:


    And really, BOB BONNER should only have one “N”. Am I right or what?

  2. Capt says:

    Wait, did I miss April first?

  3. John Bateman says:

    No Bob has 2 n’s in his last name

  4. Steve says:

    Thank you for doing this guy!! Glad I posted that one up!

  5. jj says:

    Talk about the house of cards

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