Now I was never naive to think that Brennan was going to be a star in the NFL, but I was always a fan of his in college.  I sent this card out almost a year to the day, it was a prototype I was working on, where I took the Greats of the Game card and decided to color it up a bit with a college color band for the athlete to sign on.  I sent out two of these, one to Colt and another to Erik Ainge.  I guess Ainge liked his enough to keep it.  He sent me back a couple of his signed UD cards.

I sent this one to Colt through the Washington Redskins, although he hasn’t been part of the franchise since 2009.  I guess they send him all his received mail, as he is now playing with the Hartford Colonials of the UFL.  I am curious to see how he would perform as a starter.  He certainly has the arm, and could perform very well in a run and shoot offense.

So what does everyone think of the design?  Love it or kick it to the curb?


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  1. Bill R. says:

    I like it. Not a Hawaii or Redskins fan but I live in the DC area and he always seemed like a good guy on the radio and everything. So I root for him but don’t expect much…

  2. I like it! I was a big fan of the set.

    Brennen always hurts me a bit to think about. He was ready to commit to Syracuse (my alma mater) but legal issues prevented that opportunity. He then went on to post huge number at Hawaii while Syracuse went through a very rough stretch. I know he was a product of the offensive system at Hawaii, but Syracuse certainly would have been much better with him. Sigh.

  3. Jay says:

    Great looking card. Ainge kept the one you sent .That says it all !

  4. Brian B says:

    Card is very cool, I agree there is a reason you only got 1 back, and after a year Colt decided to man up and return his…..nice card, great job

  5. Nick R says:

    Do you use just regular photopaper to make those cards? They look really nice.

  6. Nick says:

    Nice. I got him back last week too after sending a while ago to the Redskins. Didn’t know he’s know in the USFL Glad to see he’s recovering from the car accident though.

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