Tonight is the first televised game of the NFL pre-season and I couldn’t be happier.  Why? You might ask? Because my beloved Seahawks will be involved in the game versus the Chargers.  I am excited for this game for a few reasons, first off I never get to see the Seahawks on TV and secondly I am dying to see Josh Portis on the field.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Josh Portis throws in a scrimmage at NFL football training camp Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011, in Renton, Wash. Photo: Elaine Thompson / AP

You might be thinking, Josh who?  I know I was when looking at the undrafted free agents the Seahawks brought in.  When the team didn’t address the need of a future quarterback in this year’s draft I went through a full range of emotions.  I figured that they might make a play for Carson Palmer or Matt Leinart.  However, when Leinart signed with the Texans and Palmer essentially got handcuffed to the Bengals for at least this upcoming season, I was terrified at the thought of the Seahawks having Tavarius Jackson or Charlie Whitehurst as their starting QB.

Then I read about Portis, the day after his signing.  Yeah I’m not going to sugar coat it, they guy has demons in the closet.  There is no denying that.  He has also failed at every major stop in his road to the NFL.  It wasn’t until he got to DII University of California (PA) that he started to show what he could offer.  A dual threat QB with an accurate cannon for an arm.   Apparently he had a very strong combine, but since he came with so much baggage most teams were scared away.

The key for Seattle is it’s coach Pete Carroll.  He has always had a way of nurturing young talented kids and making them great.  He has a special bond with his quarterbacks.  This is the perfect situation for Portis, his head coach isn’t on the hot seat, he enters camp as the 3rd string quarterback behind two journeymen and he has a quarterback friendly coach that can turn him into a solid player.  I’m telling you now that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Portis competing for the starting job next season.  If he has a strong camp, who knows?

Unfortunately, as with a lot of undrafted rookies, Portis doesn’t have a card out right now, but don’t expect that to be the case as the new releases come out.  He is a hot name in football right now and you know that means cards, lots and lots of cards.

Who is your pick for a breakout season as an undrafted rookie? 


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  1. Brian B says:

    Ok, Im going to get the name wrong, maybe because every time I put on the news and see Mr Big Head, Joe Rose, talk about the Dolphins, I cringe not being back home, hearing about my Gmen, and Mrs Rex Ryans feet, but QB Pat Develin??? Out of Deleware, saw him at training camp Monday, and this guy is gonna be good, Fins fought to get him, signed him for 3 yrs, with a good amout of guaranted money. Ok Oh Chemgod….Trivia Question??? What is big headed Joe Rose’s claim to fame? Guy does 5 hr morning talk radio shop, head local South Florida NBC News Sports guy(top 25 market in USA), and will do Bar Mitzvah’s, Stag Parties, or just stop by your house for 2 hours, for $500 bucks, we even tried to get him to come to our fantasy football draft, but he was booked for 5 others that day!!!

  2. polishgooner says:

    Andy Fantuz (Chicago Bears) and Phillip Hunt (Philly Eagles)

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