I saw a three pack of Bowman Platinum at Walmart and decided, what the hell.  I really do like the chrome based set, but that being said, I think it resembles Finest too much.  Here is what I got:

Three pack of purple variation rookies:

BPP83 Manny Machado (see below)

BPP66 Matt Harvey (see below)

BPP19 Jimmy Paredes

Pack 1:

BPP41 Delino DeShields Jr. (see below)

71 Dan Haren – emerald variation (see below)

19 Carlos Gonzalez

36 Johan Santana

Pack 2:

35 Jason Heyward

43 Joey Votto

BPP53 Eduardo Escobar – xfractor variation (see below)

72 Tim Lincecum

Pack 3:

BPP82 Garrett Richards – xfractor variation (see below)

96 Matt Kemp

18 Adam Dunn

11 Justin Upton


Overall I like the set, since Finest doesn’t have a retail variant, it’s nice to be able to buy Finest type cards without having to blow over 100 bucks on a hobby box.  The cards themselves look great, although like all Topps chrome poducts, they do have “the bend”.  I have always been a fan of the xfractors so, to get two in 3 packs was awesome (1:4 seeding).  Also the Manny Machado and Matt Harvey cards are a must keep for me.  Machado has been excellent so far and big things are predicted for him.  Harvey is a local guy down here and it’s great to see him on a card.

I give this lot of three a rating of 3.5/5.  What do you think of these three packs?


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  1. Brian B says:

    For 3 packs, I think you did great, almost gotta go 4/5…..any jersey card out of a 3 pack walmrt purchase is a 4.5/5 easy….I have bought the $29.99 7 pack boxes and done way worse than this, except I got that sweet Jerry Hairston Jr bat card LOL

  2. John Bateman says:

    Escobar gave up a big hit last night – the value packs are the way to go, you got a couple of decent prospects.

  3. Mike D says:

    I’ve been chasing the Jarrod Parker cards in that set and they used a session photo similar to his Bowman prospects card from the year before. I don’t know if other prospects were treated the same, but its kinda cheap. I’m still chasing after the red and gold versions of the 2011 Parker card…as a set, doesn’t do a lot for me. But its a nice effort.

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