Last time I wrote about Topps Lineage, I ripped it to shreds.  I couldn’t at the time understand the need for the set.  This weekend, I actually sat down with the checklist and started to really give the set the once over.  Turns out, I think I like it.  Not for it’s base set (which is worthless and unimaginative), but for the inserts.

First let’s start with the reprint autograph cards:

Although, I would have liked to see a different reprint card, it is very cool to have a certified hit in the old school designs.

The 1952 reprint autographs of players from the 1952 set, is such a great idea.  These may very well be the last certified autograph available for any of these guys.  As most of the are in their 80s, it sure is nice to have some old school autographs of some lesser known players.

The 1975 mini relic cards are a nice add as this is one of my all time favorite subsets.

Who doesn’t like a 3D card?

Cloth stickers are a nice touch as well, kind of a variation on the silks they have put out.  Wish it wasn’t stickers of the base cards though.

About the only subset I didn’t like was the Rookie subset.  Again, how very uninspired a design can you get?  Going with the 1987 or is it 1986 All star design makes me want to throw up.  With all the rookie designs to go with why not 1977 or 1978?

To sum it up, everything except really the base set is very nicely executed.  The problem of course is that in a box you may only get a handful of these subsets.  Which at $80 a box, doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.  Instead buy them on the secondary market.  I can easily see these cards doing extremely well on eBay.  There are definitely subsets I will be going after, such as the 1952 reprint autographs and the 1975 mini relics.

After seeing the subsets, what do you think of the product as a whole and picked apart? 

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  1. deal says:

    I agree – the base are dull – but the inserts are interesting – I like bringing back the 64 Giants as a box topper. among my dislikes are the lame card backs – plus the backs are the same regardless of what version of the card.

  2. I think it’s just bad all around. It just seems like Topps keeps rehashing their new sets with old designs. On top of that, they keep using photos that have been used in old product on their new cards. Very disappointing. They need some fresh ideas and fast.

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