First off, I want to thank everyone for reading and contributing to BadWax.  When I first started the site 3 and a half years ago I never thought I would reach 1000 hits, let alone a million.  The truth is though, I love writing this blog and I love interacting with the readers of this blog.  That’s why I am going to set up a page for the 1,000,000 hit contest.  I don’t know what I will be giving away but for such a crazy milestone I have to come up with something big.

Over the next few weeks you are going to see some changes in the blog.  First, the links on the side of the page are going bye bye and instead a new list of blogs will be going up.  I will limit it to no more than 15 and it will be based on how many referrals were sent to Bad Wax.  The list is going to be updated monthly so keep up the referrals to Bad Wax to get your blog listed.

Next up, look for subscribers only contests.  Be an email subscriber and be rewarded with insider contests where I give away autographs, game used cards, and custom made cards.  These contests won’t be mentioned on the site, only in emails.  The emails will get directions on how to enter.

Next, the want list section is going back up.  As I get back into set collecting I am going to be putting up my need list for collections.  For every card you trade me you get points, these points can be redeemed for autographs, game used and custom cards or booklets of your choice.

Finally, although Craigslist Idiots is essentially dead (haven’t gotten a bite in months), I will continue doing the parody where the Craigslist ad will be the center of the story.  I have gotten quite a few emails that people are loving this so I will continue to do them about once a week.

I hope everyone is still enjoying the blog, I do my best to update it everyday and try to make my posts timely.  I will be focusing more on budget collecting and under appreciated players from now on and I hope everyone will continue to enjoy the posts I put up.  A big thank to you everyone who has ever read or continues to read the blog and I look forward to not only hitting a million counts, but also to hit the next million after that.


Mike aka “chemgod”


6 responses »

  1. dave h says:

    Looking forward to the changes and keep up the great work.

  2. Ryan LaMonica says:

    Sounds like a great plan, Mike – looking forward to it all!

    Keep up the great work. I am headed over to CraigsList Idiots right now…..unfamiliar…..

    Looking forward to the set-collecting quests, too. I am getting close to setting out on my own adventure with older Topps set building. 1st mission? The birth-year 1979 set. I’m coming for you, Ozzie!

    Good luck!

  3. Ryan LaMonica says:

    That’s great – I collected ’87-’92 or so (awesome timing, huh?), so I have those years covered (minus a few Traded sets) along with ’83 and ’84. I want to complete the series (including Traded) from ’79 and up through when I collected as a kid. I think the toughest part is knowing I could go pick up sets like ’86, ’85 or ’81 rather cheaply……trying to decide whether or not to do so and just work on hand-collating the more expensive years. What do you think?

  4. Brian B says:

    Mike…you do a great man, craiglist idiots makes me sad!! LOL….The Bay of E, will never be the same, keep up the awesome column, just got my Tommy Morrison card in the mail, from winning the contest, THANK YOU!!!!

  5. CPAdave says:

    1,000,000 hits is a well deserved honor for Bad Wax. Keep up the great work…

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