One of the posts I used to love doing is finding grossly undervalued players on the bay of E.  Very rarely will you find a Hall of Fame worthy hitter with a low average price tag for his autograph.  In fact, find me a future Hall of Famer who’s signed card is going on average for less than $12?  You might be thinking to yourself, yeah I read the title but it’s Michael Young.  Who the heck wants his cards?

Here is the story with Young.  seven of the last eight years he has been an All Star, he is usually on the list for MVP and has a career 0.303 career batting average.  At 34 years old his has 2013 hits, 3000 hits is not out of the question especially when he averages about 180 hits a season.  Toss in the fact that he can play three premium positions in 2B, 3B and SS and you have to admit he iss one special player.

For the most part, this off season not withstanding, he is a very quiet player who has been a leader and a mainstay on a Rangers team that advanced quite far last season (all the way to the World Series).  Yet every year he is mentioned in trade rumors and the Rangers brass has moved him all over the infield.  If he continues on the pace he is accustomed to he should finish with over 3000 hits, 1200 runs and 1100 RBIs.  For you Saber-geeks out there, his offensive WAR is currently 27th all time among active players.

Yet from a hobby perspective he is basically ignored.   You can go to eBay right now and buy some of his best autographed cards for less than $15.  Oddly enough it’s a lot like Roberto Alomar at this point in his career.  Now try and find an Alomar certified autograph for under $30.  Consider this your buy low point.  I can’t say that he will definitely be a Hall of Famer, but if his career ended today, he would have to considered for the Hall of Very Good.

This can be had for $11

This one went for $6

What do you think? Michael Young, way undervalued or am I just nuts?


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  1. jj says:

    Remember when I pulled his Rated Rookie out of 2001 Donruss, wasn’t Pujols, but I pulled him to, basically gave away Young didn’t think he was going to be anything at the time, my instincts were wrong.

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