I don’t understand how my mind works.  One day I want to collect multi-colored patches, the next day I want to collect older sets.  Well now I want to collect oddball (or some not so odd) subsets.  Like I said, I know my mind works in mysterious ways, anyone who has stuck with this blog for the three years can attest to that.

So I have three new addictions.  The first of which is 2011 Topps Heritage Chrome subset (numbered to 1962).  When I first bought a pack of Heritage to see what I thought of it, I got a Nelson Cruz chrome refractor and loved it so much I am now hooked and trying to complete the chrome (not chrome refractor) subset.  I am about 40% into it and the cards can be had for about 90 cents each shipped as long as they are bought in lots.  I haven’t decided whether or not to go back in time and collect the older sub sets yet, but I am considering it.

Pretty card, pretty card . . . . 

Next up on my list of craziness is 2011 Topps Football 1950 Bowman style subset.  Wow that was a long one to get out.  OK so it’s no secret I like odd shaped cards.  I mean as a custom card maker I don’t like it, but as a collector, it has always intrigued me to have cards that don’t conform to the traditional shapes of cards. So when I saw the 1950 Bowman style football cards, I just had to collect the set.  I am about 75% done with it and I’ve been able to land cards as low as 10 cents a card in bulk.  What sold me on it is the simplistic design and the throwback backs of the cards.  Nothing over the top, but I just like it and I know I’m not alone.

How cool are these?

My final bit of nuts is the 2011 Topps Lineage mini relic set.  OK first off, note to Topps, why the f**k did you not put the original back on the cards?  That is an absolute slap in the face to collectors and the fact this set is called Lineage you would think they would go all out “cue buzzer” WRONG! That being said, as long as I don’t flip over the card, I like it.  I have always been a fan of the 1975 funky design and I love the minis of the original set so toss in a piece of jersey, glove bat and I love it even more (even with the crappy back design).  Although the back of the card reads that the relic isn’t from any particular game or event, I still like it.  I currently have only 6 of the 100+ card subset, but I plan on trying to build the set.  Right now those cards are pulling in a serious premium, between $3 – $4 a card shipped, even in lots.  I might have to wait until the winter to really go all in on collecting this set.

Funky design + relic + mini = super win!

Overall, I find it fun to piece together sets again instead of just going and getting random patches and autographs.  Of course I will continue to find cut autographs of obscure legends and patches and game used of older players, but for now it’s oddball subset city!

What are you currently going after that is considered “oddball”?


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  1. arfmax says:

    What do you still need on the 2011 Topps Football 1950 Bowman style subset?

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