How is everyone doing now that the Hurricane is finally over with I can finally focus on getting back to what is important, collecting cards.  Previously on Bad Wax, I reviewed Topps 206 and just killed the product.  I think I said it was the worst product Topps ever released.  It should have been the most important release in recent history given it’s place in card collecting lineage, instead Topps bombed big time.  Then had the gall to say it failed because collectors aren’t into the vintage look to cards anymore.

We all know that was not the reason, the real reason was that for the most part, the product just failed in everything from design, to content to pricing.  However, now that I am looking more closely at oddball cards on eBay, Topps 206 has a few subsets that I like.  First off I like the dual booklets, numbered to 99:

These are as thick as regular booklets and feature either a bat or jersey from a player, there are no patches.  The size of these are about the same size as a mini card ala A&G.  The one I found on eBay was a Sabathia and Pettitte dual and it went for $17.50.  That is the low end of these, most hover in the $25 to $35 range.  They are definitely interesting, but there are some that are just out of my price range.  Here is the checklist:

#MBR1 Albert Pujols / Ryan Howard
#MBR2 Prince Fielder / Ryan Braun
#MBR3 Evan Longoria / David Wright
#MBR4 Ichiro Suzuki / Albert Pujols
#MBR5 Joe Mauer / Johnny Bench
#MBR6 Hanley Ramirez / Jimmy Rollins
#MBR7 Adam Jones / Nick Markakis
#MBR8 Tim Lincecum / Zack Greinke
#MBR9 Grady Sizemore / Ichiro Suzuki
#MBR10 Tim Lincecum / Roy Halladay
#MBR11 Ian Kinsler / Gordon Beckham
#MBR12 Chase Utley / Ryan Howard
#MBR13 Shin-Soo Choo / Grady Sizemore
#MBR14 Miguel Cabrera / Prince Fielder
#MBR15 Justin Upton / Matt Kemp
#MBR16 Carlton Fisk / Ivan Rodriguez
#MBR17 David Wright / Jose Reyes
#MBR18 Matt Kemp / Andre Ethier
#MBR19 CC Sabathia / Andy Pettitte
#MBR20 Hanley Ramirez / Dan Uggla
#MBR21 Dustin Pedroia / Kevin Youkilis
#MBR22 Hunter Pence / Josh Hamilton
#MBR23 Prince Fielder / Pablo Sandoval
#MBR24 Joe Mauer / Brian McCann
#MBR25 Mickey Mantle / Babe Ruth

As you can see the Mantle / Ruth one might set you back $200+.  Next on the list is the silk insert, just because of some of the vintage players on the checklist.

I don’t know why I like the silk so much but I do, it’s just so oddball you have to love it.  There are 50 of them to collect and they run between $10 – $20 a card for the Cycle variations which are numbered to 50.  I actually couldn’t find any of the Piedmont variation to price out.  Here is the checklist:

T2C1 Jackie Robinson
T2C2 Will Venable
T2C3 Cy Young
T2C4 Lou Gehrig
T2C5 Johan Santana
T2C6 Matt Cain
T2C7 John Lackey
T2C8 Honus Wagner
T2C9 David Price
T2C10 Ichiro
T2C11 Felix Hernandez
T2C12 Nick Markakis
T2C13 Jason Heyward
T2C14 Shin-Soo Choo
T2C15 Christy Mathewson
T2C16 Adam Lind
T2C17 Chris Carpenter
T2C18 Andre Ethier
T2C19 Grady Sizemore
T2C20 Nolan Ryan
T2C21 Ty Cobb
T2C22 Chase Utley
T2C23 Thurmon Munson
T2C24 Babe Ruth
T2C25 Mordecai Brown
T2C26 Josh Hamilton
T2C27 Prince Fielder
T2C28 Mat Latos
T2C29 Nelson Cruz
T2C30 Kid Elberfeld
T2C31 Curtis Granderson
T2C32 Frank Chance
T2C33 Johnny Evers
T2C34 Chipper Jones
T2C35 Buster Posey
T2C36 Justin Morneau
T2C37 Torii Hunter
T2C38 Jason Bay
T2C39 Tommy Hanson
T2C40 Adam Wainwright
T2C41 Ubaldo Jimenez
T2C42 Manny Ramirez
T2C43 Willie Keeler
T2C44 CC Sabathia
T2C45 Miguel Cabrera
T2C46 Adam Dunn
T2C47 Daisuke Matsuzaka
T2C48 David Wright
T2C49 Josh Johnson
T2C50 Kendry Morales

After the silk we come to the dual relic cards.  I have two of them a Johnny Bench one and an Alex Rodriguez.  They aren’t anything special, but I do like the look of them and that’s why I collect them.

2010 Topps T 206 Ichiro Dual Relic Card

They run between $10 to as much as $90, the absence of a Ruth or Cobb, makes it almost attainable. Here is the 20 person check list:
#AD Adam Dunn
#AP Albert Pujols
#AR Alex Rodriguez
#BM Brian McCann
#CC Carl Crawford
#DW David Wright
#GS Grady Sizemore
#JB Johnny Bench
#JH Josh Hamilton
#MM Mickey Mantle
#MR Manny Ramirez
#NM Nick Markakis
#NR Nolan Ryan
#PF Prince Fielder
#RH Ryan Howard
#RS Ryne Sandberg
#SV Shane Victorino
#WS Willie Stargell
#APE Andy Pettitte
#JRO Jimmy Rollins

Finally, we have the cut autograph, yup a cut autograph card on a mini.  That my friends is awesome in my mind, just because of my love for cut cards.  Sadly these cards are numbered one of one and run between $150+ on eBay and that’s if they even show up. The Wally Moon card pictured below ran for roughly $175:

The design kind of sucks but I can tell you that I might be working on something similar so if you are interested let me know.  There are also cut booklets, but I have never seen one on the net.  If you have seen one post the picture or at least the link.  Here is the checklist:
#SCC1 Joe Sewell
#SCC2 Ray Schalk
#SCC3 Happy Chandler
#SCC4 Smokey Burgess
#SCC5 Walt Dropo
#SCC6 Lonny Frey
#SCC7 Carl Furillo
#SCC8 Charlie Gehringer
#SCC9 Gabby Hartnett
#SCC10 Willie Kamm
#SCC11 George Kell
#SCC12 Wally Moon
#SCC13 Mel Parnell
#SCC14 Albie Pearson
#SCC15 Preacher Roe
#SCC16 Roy Sievers
#SCC17 Casey Stengel
#SCC18 Hal Trosky
#SCC19 Bob Turley
#SCC20 Ed Wells
#SCC21 Mickey Mantle
#SCC22 Hoyt Wilhelm
#SCC23 Billy Williams
#SCC24 Lloyd Waner
#SCC25 Gene Woodling
#SCC26 Mickey Vernon
#SCC27 Johnny Podres
#SCC28 Johnny Pesky
#SCC29 Freddie Lindstrom
#SCC30 Bill Dickey

Look forward to my mini cuts, they should make an appearance this week.

What did you think of the 206 set, and the subsets?


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  1. waxtopia says:

    This product was a big disappointment for me too, as I had high expectations. Are these inserts all available in both years? Now that the price has come way down, I would be tempted to bust a box of 09.

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