For the past few days, I have been trying to organize my thoughts on the new 2012 Topps design, the supposed “Game Changer”.  This was supposed to be the year that Topps, who was awarded the sole license for baseball to change it all up and make cards more relevant.  Topps had all year to come up with something that was going to bring the excitement of collecting cards back to the fans and most importantly to the kids.  They rolled out there design and in case you missed it here it is:

I know, you are awe inspired, I can tell.  You are bouncing up and down in your seat anticipating the January release.  More importantly your kids are screaming, I want, I want, right?  Hell no you aren’t and your kids are probably blowing something up on the Xbox 360.  So just as a reminder here are the past few years of Topps:

So this marks the 4th straight year of non-appealing not noteworthy designs.  I can’t stress enough how much I personally hate using logos instead of spelling out team names.  Here is the last decent design (2008):

This is also the last full Topps set I collected.  I am so sick and tired of Topps mailing it in on their flagship set.  Amazingly, they do actually put together a nice parallel set with this card:

So why the heck is this not the base design?  No instead this is going to be a #/2012 or something and this will be the only thing people want to collect out of the set.  Of course there will be the vomit inducing golden card (what is this Willie Wonka or something):

Makes my freaking head hurt! I hated these as diamond cards and the gold version just makes me sicker.  There are lots of “Gold” inspired autos and game used:

However rumor has it, these are all limited to 10 or 15 copies.  So in other words, YOU won’t be finding it!  Finally there is one card subset I would love to collect just because the design is so nice, the Gold Futures set:

However I won’t be finding it and neither will you because . . . surprise, also limited to 15 copies.  In short, Topps you suck, your flagship line sucks . . . AGAIN . . . and I hope to hell at some point someone besides me will stand up and scream too.  Get your graphic designers off their asses and make something that is worth collecting.  Go back through your catalog and the blog world and find out what people want and instead of using the same style over and over and the same inserts over and over, freaking do something about it and really put out a game changer instead of the current hack job you are currently doing!

Am I out of line?  Where is the design team that came up with 5 star and Inception? Why aren’t they designing the flagship?


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  1. Paulie3jobs says:

    That Adrian Gonzalez wood parallel, 1/1. So you’re not getting that either.
    You, and the rest of the blogosphere are right, 2012 Topps sucks. The base cards are ok, but all the ridiculous gold parallels, enough already.

    Someone should start a petition to MLB properties or whomever the morons were that gave Topps this monopoly, and tell them we want another company (not Pannini) to produce cards.

  2. Scott says:

    You are right the wood parallel and the Gold Futures are the only nice looking cards in the set. I thought the 2010 base was alright, but they all suffer from a sterile look. I’d be ok getting rid of the gloss too.

  3. Hackenbush says:

    The Gold Futures design looks like it would be a good starting point for a base set. It reminds me of Upper Deck.

  4. Jay says:

    The Babe Ruth “bonus” box toppers at Target have gone from a chrome refractor to a simple foil card.I love most anything Ruth,Except after collecting the previous couple years Ruth chrome refractors and now having Topps switch up with a cheaper looking foil card . I’m done with collecting Topps .Its always a let down. One way or another.

  5. Mike D says:

    Without absorbing your opinion on the Topps 2012 products, I wanted to offer my stance without bias, but that is virtually impossible because I agree with you. The wooden cards are really the only ones I like. I imagine there is some kind of “standard notes” the production team has to adhere to, like the white bordering, minimum base insert sets, contracts with mandatory appearances by players, etc.
    But the “game changer” moniker is hype only. They missed the mark by a country mile on the idea of using gold in place of the original diamond idea. The base design reminds me of looking at photo galleries of the same artist, where you see trends in how they portray their vision. It’s like they are using the same 4-6 people to come up with the same concepts year after year. The base set looks like they “mailed it in.”

  6. Mike D says:

    Also – I just thought about the insert concepts. They list a milestone on the card, yet the photo has nothing to do with it. Mays standing around yet they are listing his milestone as the catch. Jeter’s 3000th hit, but not a photo from that game. Those photos are readily available, which would make the swatch, autograph, bat, etc. that much more noteworthy. Otherwise, it’s just another chase card that looks like the versions from 2010, 2009, 2008, etc.

  7. ig4mer says:

    I am totally with you. I am not excited about Topps 2012 at all. In fact I haven’t been too impressed by any products of the Big 3 lately.

    I wonder if they are going to have a Golden Card Giveaway along the same lines of the Million card giveaway and the Diamond Card Giveaway. It was a great idea the first time around but no point of starting over year after year. It would be so annoying.

  8. John Bateman says:

    You are right the last decent design was 2008, – these last four years all the cards look the same.

    Remember Topps is also dropping the size of wax boxes from 36 to 24 packs.

  9. Michael says:

    I like the base, it’s simple, and not overly flashy. Thats what Topps flagship is all about, has been for many years. As for the crappy inserts, the base is all you want from Topps flagship anyways. If you’re looking for awesome autos, and gu, you better open your wallet and buy Tribute or Triple Threads. I hope they don’t do so many subsets with the same player as they did last year. I could do without that for sure. To each his own I guess.

  10. No good says:

    The wood borders should have been the base set. It looks like crap with white borders. I will not be buying these. I guess that leaves more money for Heritage.

  11. The last decent design for me was 2007 because it recalled the 1971 set. ’71 was my favorite back in the day.
    This year I spent more time working on their Bowman sets – just nicer cards & design overall.

  12. Jim Corrie says:

    Here is a “Game Changer”. Topps should scrap this idea and start over. It’s only September, There is plenty of time. I’ll be happy to wait until March 2012 for better product.

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