To follow up my post from yesterday, something I completely glossed over and luckily the readers did not was that Leaf was actually putting in signed stones into their 2011 Best of Baseball release.  Yes you read right, SIGNED STONES.  These “cut autographs” are of Tony Gwynn, Greg Maddux, and Ken Griffey Jr.  The Gwynn and Maddux are limited to 900 and 1000 respectively, while the Junior doesn’t have a number.

To make matters worse, of the one of 17 cut autographs that can be had, most are of the manufactured variety.  Either stones or slips of paper:

It looks to me as if instead of a sticker, they just gave Hank a sheet of paper and told him to sign a bunch of times.  This was also done for Rickey Henderson and others as well. The idea behind this monstrosity was good, however, if you are going to do a cut auto at least make it seem like a cut auto and not a peice of blank white paper.

To have the nerve to charge $250 for a box containing two cards, one a manufactured cut or signed stone and another as a repackaged graded card is just like putting up your middle finger at you customers.  If you can find cuts, then just let the player do a hard signed card and for f***sake, give the customer a shot at at least breaking even.  Of the 15 videos (about 40 boxes) none contained a true cut autograph and only 4 turned a profit.   Most were worth $100 or more below what the customer paid for the box.  That is just sad.

Sorry Brian Gray, Raz . . . err . . . Leaf screwed up big time on this release.

Who wants some signed stones?


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  1. tomseaver says:

    Maybe if they signed a diamond it might be worth it, otherwise just keep the stone auto!

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