I usually don’t buy but just one or two boxes of cards a year.  I decided to go out and bust a box.  Since I’m a cut autograph guy, I thought it would be fun to bust a cut autograph box.  Well since I don’t have too much disposable income (like none), I decided to go cheap and I came up with what I think to be an excellent product for the money, 2008 TRIStar Signa Cuts Baseball.

Each box contains four packs and each pack contains one cut autograph.  I got the box for $55, meaning that each autograph is just under $14 a card.  That isn’t bad at all.  Every player in the set has won some kind of award and many are Hall of Famers.  Not only that but there are a lot of young prospects too (Evan Longoria and Elvis Andrus among others) I saw quite a few of these things busted on youtube and I have to say I’ve been pretty impressed.

Am I saying that each autograph is worth 14 bucks? Absolutely not! However  there is always a shot at a Hall of Fame player.  For $55 shipped I really couldn’t ask for much more.  Even if it is a dud, it’s going to be fun to bust.  Isn’t that what its all about anyhow?

What do you think?  Is it a get or dump? Either way I’ll do a video of the box break when I get it.


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  1. Mike D. says:

    For the cards you pulled from that box, I don’t think you got anywhere near the projected value you should have expected. The best hit from that box was an 86 Topps Joe Carter cut, and the thing was placed crooked at that. Just not an attractive foursome of cards at all.

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