I really don’t want to write this post because honestly, I am sick of Strasburg-mania.  The truth is that although he is all over the baseball hobby world, when he pitches, people watch.  I might even go as far to say that he, along with Bryce Harper (when he makes the 2012 roster) are going to make the Nationals, the must watch team in baseball.

There is no denying that Strasburg is clearly one of the best pitchers in baseball. Obviously his fastball is tremendous, but it isn’t his only pitch.  When he has all his pitches working he is incredibly tough to hit, mainly because of his pinpoint accuracy.  Also his delivery hides his selection in pitches, so that it is very tough to pick up what he is throwing. The 100+ MPH fastball is the killer though, especially when he can throw it anywhere on the plate for a strike.

There seems to be only one hurdle though for this superstar in the making, can he stay healthy?  It’s never a good sign to see a pitcher go down with a torn anything in his first season as a pro.  I just can’t believe he made it all the way back so fast.  For those of you who have never had TJ surgery, it’s a grueling 18 month process and for 12 of those months you shouldn’t even be throwing.  Normal people take about 6 months just to get velocity back to where it was.

So now we find ourselves in a wait and see situation.  Can he make it through the year without major injury?  Can he maintain his 100+ MPH pitch speed or will his arm begin to “deaden” over time?  Are he and Harper the missing peices they need to climb into contention in the NL East?  These are tough questions to answer.  Personally, I feel as though we may be witnessing the second coming of Mark Prior, all the signs are there, but we are choosing not to see them.

What about value in his cards?The lower end stuff runs about $150 and his higher end items are going for between $300 – $400.  I think his stuff is sitting on the mid level right now.  I expect if he turns in some great performances to close the season, he is going to raise those values by at a minimum $100 per card.  However it becomes the waiting game.

Strasburg – are you buying or selling?


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  1. Mike D. says:

    This was the great debate last year, one I even found myself thinking about, and I could care less about Strasburg or the Nats. It’s habitual for the Hobby to jump the shark on someone, because we need someone to be “the next” great one. It’s cyclical in all facets of hype. The next movie star, the next Jordan, the next big thing. As far as SS and his hobby stay, I would expect results closer to Prior than Clemens. See how I did that? I work in the media, that’s how we do it.

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