I got a surprise box in the mail yesterday.  It was from In The Game and it’s their Canadiana Series.  These boxes retail for $93 on Blowout Cards and it’s a one pack 8 card box.  I do like these one pack box of hits only.  We shall see if I like it to the tune of $93.  This was my first video box break, so I should warn you, it was done at 5am this morning, it’s really bad, and you are probably going to laugh at how awful it is.  That being said here is the video:

OK now that my embarrassing video is over with, we can get into the meat and potatoes of the review.  The hits were great, the Scott Niedermayer card has two swatches of jerseys, one from his Ducks uniform and the other from his Team Canada Olympic Hockey uniform.  I found out that Susan Jacks is in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and is a famous musician from the 1960s -1980s and still performs today. As for Jessalyn Gilsig, she has been in everything from Glee to Boston Public to Heroes.  The T-Shirt swatch is considered to be a mega swatch.  It’s a blue t-shirt worn by the actress.  As for the base cards I had 5 ruby version and 1 sapphire version.

Now for my take, $90+ for 3 hits and 6 base is a disappointment to me.  I love the cards, I love the designs, but I just don’t see the value.  One more autograph or game used and my take would probably be different.  But this product in my opinion seems to be a bit overpriced.  Now I am not Canadian, so these might be the equivalent of pulling a Dolly Parton autograph and a Heather Locklear T-shirt, but still I just don’t see the value.  I give it a 2.5 out of 5.  Leave a comment below and subscribe to the blog and you could win one of the hits.  All weekend I will be giving away cards.  This contest ends tomorrow morning at 10am.

I need Canadian input, is this a good box?


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  1. Marc says:

    I really like the design of the Niedermayer dual patch. Not sure how I feel about the obscure actress/singer. Doesn’t seem like this box met the value.

  2. Dave H says:

    It isn’t bad….but like you said the ratios aren’t the greatest for the price. I think I would be going nuts for it if it was about 15 bucks less per box. But that is just this Canadian’s opinion.

    Great post and break!

  3. Hackenbush says:

    I’m a subscriber. Thanks for the contest.

  4. Cam says:

    I already follow, and Im definately in!

  5. Spankee says:

    This is my…um this…um this is um my first…my first comment….

    haha, just kidding. My first few videos were awful compared to yours. I find that my videos are better after a few drinks.

  6. Fun break. My wife would get a kick out of that Glee card.

  7. dawgbones says:

    I have no Canadian input Ay, but I’d love to enter the contest.
    (and I agree, $90+ for 8 cards is a bit steep)

  8. dawgbones says:

    and I absolutely love the Niedermayer card (I’m a HUGE Animal House fan!!)

  9. Scott says:

    No Idea if the hits are any good, but nice job on the video.

  10. Kazi says:

    already a subscriber–as a Canadian, the cards are nice–you can learn a little history about people from different walks of life–and its pretty sad that I knew about everyone in the pack–pricewise, a little steep for this box but thems the breaks–heh heh–Seasons in the Sun–you can look it up

  11. Marty says:

    I can’t remember another Canadian History set, at least not one that includes this much memorabilia. I understand your statement you feel that there should be more as we have become accustomed to with recent ITG products, but keep in mind most of the people in this set have never had an auto or memorabilia card before and the fact ITG has tracked down the amount they have is something that should be applauded.

    Seems to be a product that I would like to try at least one pack of.
    Lastly, I am Canadian and I am sure that myself and fellow Canadians will get more out of this product and appreciate it to a different level then those from the U.S. and other countries.

  12. Ben says:

    Awesome Break.I really want that Susan Jacks! haha. She is Awesome.Anyone remember the Poppy Family and “Which way you goin Billy”?

  13. Dunkin says:

    The cards are nice, but that is not a good price for what you get. I think $40 per box is the level you will see in the long run. If you had bought that box to flip the cards you would have gotten destroyed.

  14. mth83vt says:

    I’m not a Canadian. With that in mind, this set does nothing for me. Does ITG release/market this with the intention of only appealing to a certain geographic in the collecting world? Would/does anyone in the US buy this set? I’m not hating on it, just trying to understand the dynamics.

  15. Already a subscriber. I like the designs and the Niedermayer is a cool card to me since he spent time with the Devils. The range of the 8 cards is pretty broad for my taste, especialy at that price.

  16. Anthony says:

    Very cool designs…not worth 93 bucks though…It is a cool concept of having the history of canada in your hands though! I have been reading this blog for over a year but apparently never subscribed! Bring back craigslist idiots!

  17. Kevin Sinclair says:

    They’re nice cards, I just never got the point of base cards in one-pack-per-box items. Your’re right, better ratio needed, maybe five hits and drop the base set.

  18. Already a subscriber but I did want to say that I think ITG is just phoning it in on this one. They started off fantastically with their releases this year but as the season has drawn on, they are starting to duplicate the design way too much. I’m always a supporter of ITG and think its a tragedy that they don’t have an NHL license but they are going to have to try a bit harder on a set like this. Especially when it targets non-sports collectors as well.

  19. James says:

    Awesome break. ITG have always make the best products. Wish I could afford one. Look very neat and unique. Already subscriber.

  20. DanMan says:

    Not big names but a great piece of Canadian history. Nice to see Americans interested in a piece of Canada. I agree a little steep for my liking. At least add a few more base cards of important Canadians and not just recognizable hockey players.

  21. great idea for a set, but it’s too pricey or too watered down. $90 for that box is waaay too high.

  22. Corky says:

    Maybe at half the price it could be a decent product but no way at $90/box is this even near worth picking up. There are a couple of worthwhile memorabilia pulls like Roy, Esposito, Bret Hart or Georges St-Pierre and the PaperCuts would definitly be an awsome pull but for every Alexander Graham Bell cut signature that is pulled there are probably 250 Chantal Kreviazuk autos pulled.

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