I finally got my box from Blowout Cards.  I have to thank Danny who was able to give me a coupon at checkout that saved me a few bucks.  The box itself was $56, the coupon saved me shipping.  I figured for a shade under $14 a card, I couldn’t get beat down too bad.

I was going to do a video break, but I’m too shell-shocked from yesterday’s first video break experience.  My hope is to at least land one Hall of Fame player and a Joba autograph would be nice since I am a Yankee fan.  So here we go, four packs, one card per pack.  Here are the four cards I got:

So here is my take, I’ll do the “Rising Stars” first.  I have to put myself in the 2008 frame of mind.  The worst card in the four has to be Brian Bocock.  Even as of 2008 I couldn’t think of him as a rising star.  He was with the Giants back then, but is now with the Phillies.

Next up is JR Towles, now this would have been a great in 2008 since he was definitely an up and comer.  The problem is that he never quite lived up to expectations.

Finally we get to the meat of the box, Tim Raines, who was one of my favorite players in the 80s.  I’m sure that this card runs about $2-$3 on the bay of E.  Finally we have the Duke Snider autograph.  I’ve seen a lot box breaks and this is definitely better than a lot of the breaks I have seen.  I own a few Snider autographs and this will be another that gets added to the collection.

What can I say? It’s isn’t 2011 Legendary Cuts, but it doesn’t have to be it’s $56 a box while Legendary Cuts will run you $220 for one cut.  I do think this is a real solid box for the money. I would buy another box, I just think $13 and change for an auto isn’t too bad.

What do you think of the box?  What do you think of the product versus  cost?


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  1. The Dimwit says:

    Not too shabby. You could have done a lot worse from what I’ve seen. You’re dead on with your analysis of Towles, as an Astros fan I’d have been PUMPED to get that auto in 2008, not so much 3 years later. It is kind of annoying to have two of the autos come from cards that have been Franken-cut into the “new” card; but at least the Raines retains some of the horizonal/vertical correctness, and I at least like the way they made it a uniform cut with the corners rounded. Tilting the Snider card 45 degress is a bit less visually appealing. Overall, for $56 I guess it’s probably worth it.

  2. deal says:

    Ok Box – I put Raines more in the $9 range – not sure do the Cuts go for less then say a sticker auto. agreed on the Towles auto – I have a few that I picked up back then that I thought would mature, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened.

  3. Ryan LaMonica says:

    I’d say you’re breaking close to even. If you do the post-bust research of what those cards would cost you on the Bay then, yeah, it might quickly become a debbie-downer. But there is some value to be asigned to the joy of receiving the box and the ritual of busting with great anticipation. Fortunately, you get to add a HOFer in the Duke and SOLID player in Rock Raines. The other two are after-thoughts, but you are wise to assess from the ’08 perspective.

    I don’t think I’d pick one up, myself – but that is PURELY because I would obsess over “I could’ve picked up all of these for only $____” – that’s just me.

    You never know what might happen, ala Nick’s recent ’11 Chrome bust over at The Cardboard Dugout and the sweet Blue Auto found inside.

    You never know and that’s what keeps us all coming back for more!

  4. JBob says:

    I don’t think i’m as positive about this box break as you are. The cuts of other cards look so bad and the rising stars were kind of a bust. Sorry man it’s hard for me to get on board with these set. I have a Canseco sticker auto from one of their cuts sets. How is it a cut if its a sticker.

  5. Anthony says:

    The rising stars def were a big blow but a duke snider card in your collection never hurts!

  6. Tribecards says:

    Are the auto’s certified by anyone? I’m not a fan of these, I’m afraid to say. I think if I bought this box (which I probably wouldn’t have given the price and my lack of desire to collect autos in general (too easily faked)), I wouldn’t have been as happy as you are. Maybe I’m just old and crotchety these days, but I would be both excited and skeptical about the Raines/Snider cards.

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