Yesterday the Seahawks got a great start in their pursuit of Andrew Luck in next year’s draft by getting clobbered by the San Francisco 49ers.  This will be an epically bad season for the blue and neon green birds.  With a porous offensive like and a defense that would have trouble stopping a tike on a tricycle. Tavarius Jackson was bad, maybe not as bad as I thought he would be, but he was pretty bad.  Kind of reminds me of Aaron Brooks, running for his life on every play.

There are so many problems with this team I don’t know where to begin.  Hopefully they will stick with the plan and not win a game, thereby bringing in Andrew Luck and will start to compete in 2013.  Obviously Whitehurst must be a basketcase in practice if he can’t beat out Jackson and Josh Portis is just way too raw.  At the running back position, Lynch looks old and Forsett looks incompetent,  but it could be because the offensive line, looked flat out offensive.

Now going to defense, the secondary would have had a hard time stopping a freshman high school quarterback.  The linebacking corp looked OK but really need to gel.  The defensive line looked good, but that might be because the 49ers offensive line is terrible.  They did stop the run but when special teams gives up two TD’s it’s going to be tough to win.

This is going to be a very rough season for the Seahawks, and Seahawk fans.  I was hoping for a 4 win season, but I figured 2 of those wins would come against the 49ers.  Well that’s not going to happen.

Please tell me I am reading into this opening game too much.  Seahawk fans out there, am I off point?

For Andrew Luck in ’12

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  1. Spankee says:

    It originally seemed like the Redskins were going to be well suited for an Andrew Luck run. However, I now think Grossman’s decision to play well and lead the ‘Skins to a 1-0 start, may take them out of the running already.

  2. Corky says:

    Sadly as a lifeling Seahawks fan I have to agree with your judgment although I do believe that they may end up with one or two wins purely out of dumb chance.

    I had high hope for Jackson to at least be decent and he is ok, but not really more than a second string QB along the lines of Senneca Wallace. I have never believed in Whitehurst and the Seahawks gave up to much for him in the trade (basically anything more then a pack of cards would have been to much). I still have a long distance hope that a Carlson Palmer trade will happen (hey trade both Jackson and Whitehurst). He would be a nice fit and he has plenty of options to throw to with Williams, Rice and Tate plus Zach Miller on the short routes. Figure he would also give Luck a season or two to play backup and learn the game from a seasoned veteran. On the postive side the defense was pretty solid.

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