I have a stack of cut autographs that I have to make for myself and have been steadily collecting them for a while now.  When I’m bored I hit up eBay and try to find cut autographs of players from the 19-teens to the 1930s (1910s just sounds weird).  The key thing I look for is the price, I look for affordability first then stats second.  I started doing a must have autograph set of posts, but I think I am going to switch it up and talk about affordable must have autographs.

One player I found to be surprisingly affordable was former Athletic and Yankee, Joe Dugan.  Joe played for the A’s from 1917 – 1921 under the watchful eye of Connie Mack.  It was there and with Mack’s ability to make hitters great, that he became a very consistent hitter.  In 1922 he was traded to the Red Sox and became the reason that Baseball would move it’s trading deadline up to the beginning of June.

In July of 1922 the Red Sox were trading away players like it was going out of style.  Dugan ended up on the New York Yankees and helped propel them to a pennant edging out the St. Louis Browns.  Dugan would remain with the Yanks until 1928 and was a member of the famed 1927 Murderer’s Row.  He would play two more seasons after the 1928 season, one with the Braves and another with the Tigers.

On a side note, he was known as Jumping Joe Dugan.  This was not for his athletic prowess, it was because he was known for taking unauthorized leaves from the team.  From Wikipedia:

After committing a few errors, he was booed by the Philadelphia fans. Sensitive and temperamental, he would leave the team until (Connie) Mack was able to coax him back. Word of his departure spread around the league and, he would often be taunted by fans with the cry,”I want to go home!”

Dugans autographs tend to go for big bucks when incorporated into cards, however as a cut autograph, his can be had for $35 or less.  To think I can have a cut autograph of a member of Murderer’s Row for under $100 and I can turn it into a card for less than $10 just makes me smile.  Toss in the fact that I know my design will kick the Topps and Upper Decks of the world collective asses, and I’m pumped to find his autograph that cheap.

Know anything about “Jumping” Joe Dugan?  How about cheap cut autographs, like them or hate them?

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