There have been a lot of talk about the skinny version of Pablo Sandoval and the fat version.  After a view of this season versus last season, I think much like Price Fielder, the power is in the belly, don’t mess with it.  Like Sampson with his hair, it is now obvious that Pablo draws his power from the doughnut and I’m not talking about the warmup batting weight.

Yesterday, thanks to the power of a sugar heavy diet, Pablo cruised to a cycle in the first four at bats of last night’s game versus the Rockies.  I heard in his press conference instead of chugging Gatorade he was putting down a fresh pitcher of Kool Aid – Oh Yeah! If I were the Giant’s brass, I would get the panda a daily delivery of Krisy Kreme.  Anything to keep the pudgy panda happy.

A quick look at his career stats you can see skinny versus fat Sandoval:

The yellow highlighted area is when he is a jolly happy Pablo, the red area is when he is a sad skinny salad eating Panda.  Clearly is pays for him to be a bigger happier Pablo.  I just hope those nasty trainers (aka the Diet Enforcers) don’t make him lose weight again.  I along with many Giants fans enjoy a more rotund version of Pablo.

As for his card value, wouldn’t you know?  His cards spiked today.  Didn’t see that one happening huh?  Most of his autographed cards range in the $10 – $30 range and really if you are patient, most can be had for right around $10.  As long as that belt stays on the final notch and he doesn’t need a smaller size uniform, the Giants will reap the rewards of one of the game’s most entertaining players.


3 responses »

  1. Michael says:

    haha awesome, this was pretty funny.

  2. connor says:

    he actually is skinnier than ever this year

  3. Ross says:

    Yeah, 2010 was his fat/sloppy year. He started 2011 very (relatively) trim and put some pounds back on throughout the season, but still finished up slimmer than last year.

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