Every year there are one or two players that rise out of obscurity and become key cogs in teams runs to the playoffs.  Last year one of those guys was Arian Foster.  He went from 54 carries for 257 yards and 3 TDs in 2009 to 1616 yards and 16 TDs in 2010.  He is one of those guys that can just take over a football game.

This year has been a different story for Foster as he tries to rehabilitate from a sore hammy.  Of course while this is going on, Ben Tate has become the new workhorse for the Texans with 217 yards rushing in 2 games.  As history usually repeats itself,  Foster was in this very same situation last year, when he took over for Steve Slaton, who was coming off a great rookie year himself.

So this begs the question, is it the running back in Houston or is it a system, where any running back can come in and perform well behind an excellent offensive line.  I am figuring it’s the second reason.  It makes sense since Gary Kubiak, the Texans head coach, is from the Mike Shanahan school of coaching, offensive lines are the key to a great offense.  My feeling is that Foster is out this week and if Tate puts up another 100+ yards, look for Tate to unseat Foster as the number one guy.

This has an impact not only in the fantasy football world, but also in the football card world.  Slaton cards can now be had for a dollar, while Foster autographed cards are running from $20 – $40 on eBay.  Tate’s autographed cards by the way can be had for under $5, which if Foster is out and Tate puts up another C-note is going to be a bargain.  I’ve seen it too often in football, where last year’s god becomes this year’s sacrifice.  I’m just saying the writing is on the wall, this might be the year of Ben Tate.

Arian Foster /99steve slaton autoWhat is your take on the Texans backfield?  Who would you invest in right now (if you had to)?




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  1. I’ve had this convo alot leading up to the season. I thought that Foster was going to suffer because of the loss of Leech to the Ravens regardless of health. Tate is a great running back in his own right, and was poised to be the break out starter in Houston before Foster blew up, so if he can’t get that hamstring issue figured out, Tate will look to claim the spot. If you get Tate putting up somewhere between 100-150 a game, and Foster can’t stay healthy, that job is going to get lost pretty fast. I’d personally go with Tate, and Slaton if I was running the Texans.

    But then again I’m a Big East guy, so Slaton might get a boost because of that, in the same way that I still think Brian Brohm could be a stud QB if given a chance. Good to know his cards are only in the buck range though, going to have to go after one for my son’s collection.

  2. Gary Stockton says:

    Your a dumb ass!!! Hahahagagahagafafafafafagagahahahahahagaghahagahahaha!!!!!

    • chemgod says:

      Hind sight is 20/20 I guess. Of course that’s one less name I know will ever win a contest on this site. You Rock Gary!

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