Yes, no need to adjust your computer screen, this is an AUTHENTIC Aaron Brooks cut autograph.  As a whole I like the Signa Cuts product line, but every once in a while they throw in what could only be considered a middle finger to all collectors.  This is that middle finger.

A box of 2008 Signa Cuts will run about $65 for four cut autographs.  The football edition is better than the baseball edition (in my opinion) until you get a card like this.  When I held this in my hand, I just wanted to get it away from me as it was like someone dumped a bag of dog crap in my hand.  Yes, I like an Aaron Brooks cut autograph to a bag of dog crap, am I wrong about that?

I’m sure there is a University of Virginia fan out there that is just an Aaron Brooks fanatic, but they probably don’t collect football cards.  For me this came in a big lot of Signa Cuts, which included five Hall of Fame players so it wasn’t too bad to take.  The big question I had, is did TRIStar just get a bunch of Brooks autographs and had to find someway to include him in the set?  Most NO TD passes?  Really that’s all you got? Plus that ended in Brees’s second year.  I guess that’s better than most consecutive starts by a Saints QB, that in itself is pretty sad, that they couldn’t find anyone better than him, anyone at all?

Don’t forget we are talking about a QB so bad he could actually throw backwards on Madden:

At least I am not alone with this attrocity, there are at least 74 more of them out there! I want one of my readers to photoshop this card for fun.  If you come up with something good send it to me and I will put it on the blog, plus I’ll dig up an autograph for you.

What do you think of this cut, jokes are more than welcome!


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  1. For some reason, and I have no idea why, I have his jersey. At least there isn’t a JaMarcus cut. I would photoshop a JaMarcus holding his draft jersey into him holding the cut and saying, this is the guy I have to replace? I’ve got this in the bag, but I don’t have the time haha.

  2. R.N. Coyote says:

    Big time. It’s a signature and a leg of defensive player of the other team

  3. Michael says:

    Am i the only one who thought he had a decent career for a 4th rd pick? He had a couple pretty good seasons.

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