I am going to break down my trip to the card show in three parts, mainly because there were three stories to tell with each.  The first two cards I picked up were out of a $0.25 bin.  I was just curious as to what he had in there and found myself going through a bunch of cards, I actually settled on two, mainly for blog reasons.

So why these two cards you might ask?  As far as the Montana is concerned, I had always wanted to do a set of famed cards, with their original backs and I never even knew Topps had already done this as part of their 2005 Topps Football set, subset All Time Fan Favorites.  The original card had always been one of my favorites and I just like the way Topps did this card.  What really drew me to it was the glaring error on the back of the card.

That 1988 season where he completed 2389 passes is just amazing.  Not sure how something so blatantly obvious as wrong ended up passing the watchful eye of the Topps Quality Assurance team.  Other than that error though, I like that they went old school with the back of the card and also inserted his career statistics.

The second card was the 2005 Topps Football Chrome set, subset -Throwback Chrome cards of Shaun Alexander. This one was picked up because I love the retro designs in chrome and also because I am a Seahawks fan and Shaun represents the last good running back the team had.  Since then it’s just been a parade of past their prime or never had a prime running backs.  The back of this card (which I forgot to scan) is a replica of the 1958 Topps card.  Below is an example:

 The only difference is that the Alexander card has the coin rub cartoon printed.  This set from 2005 was definitely a touchdown when it came to the subsets.  I think for 50 cents I got two nice cards.

Did you collect either of these subsets? Were they worth the quarter a piece?

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