I generally don’t buy cards so I really don’t get to see the subsets first hand until I hit up card shows.  I was leaving the show when I stumbled across this nice patch from 2011 Topps Football, Rookie Premiere Patch cards.  I was able to pick up the Randall Cobb patch card for $6.

I have really been tough on Topps and their lack of designing but I have to say, I reall like the design on this card.  Yes, it is reminiscent to the 2009 UD baseball / football jersey cards, but I really like it.  They threw kind of an Inception look to it and these patches can be picked up for a song on eBay.  I know I probably overpaid a bit on it, but I liked the patch.

A quick look at eBay and you can see that I actually paid on the money (when you take a look at shipping).  Several of these cards closed between $3 and $5 but also with an average of $2.75 shipping.  This subset is so nice, there is also another subset that is auto / patch but as I loathe sticker autographs, I am more apt to work on this set.  As far as I can tell there are 35 of these in the set.  The Cam Newton is probably the only one out of my price range for now.  I’ll have to work with Mrs. Chemgod and see what she would be willing for me to spend on a few of these.

If you have ay that you would want to trade let me know.  I’m sure we could work out something.

What do you think of the design / card / price I paid?  Would you collect the complete subset?


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  1. Andy says:

    I personally love that set, one of my favorite subsets thus far in the year…thought about putting it all together, but I never follow through with my plans. I do have a beautiful four-color Torrey Smith that I pulled, though!

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