Found these two gems at the show and my wife loved them when I showed them to her:

Sorry about the Ullman scan it got cut off, but the piece of jersey is still there, how very old schooly huh? Cable knit even!  The Pilote jersey is also a win, we have gotten autographs from both of these players so that makes these cards more special.  The total on the two cards was 10 bucks.

I didn’t give Donruss Sports Legends a good nod when I first read about the product line, but I really like these cards. At $75 per box and four auto-gamers guaranteed, it’s not a bad little product, especially when you consider it’s all sports legend based.  You really can’t go wrong.

Do you have any cards from this set?  How do you feel about them?


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  1. mattapp says:

    I have one of the Pete Rose autograph cards from that set. I remember when I picked it up off of eBay a few years ago that I was a little surprised at their lackadaisical approach to airbrushing logos out of the pictures and wondering if MLB was going to sue them over it. Sucked for Donruss, but they had it coming.

    On the other hand, it was nice being able to add a certified Rose card to my collection.

  2. 1967ers says:

    Interesting that they found a Leaf swatch for Pilote. This is a nice-looking set.

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