With the season finally over we can look back at some of the worst performances of the year.  Bad Wax is going to round out it’s choices for the worst performances of the season by issuing the first ever 2011 Bad Wax Futility Awards.  Hosted of course by one of the least valuable pitchers of all time:

Least Valuable Hitter (AL):

Adam Dunn – He did it, he really did it, batted below the 0.160 line!  He was even held him out the last two games so that he wouldn’t reach 500 at bats and qualify for the batting title.  So the lowest qualified batting average still belongs to Rob Deer at 0.171, but Big (pile of) Donkey (shit) should truly own that distinction.  Used to be a 0.260/40/100 guy, this year he had more strikeouts than hits (ouch!)

Least Valuable Hitter (NL):

Casey McGehee – I for one thought that this guy was going to be a staple in the Brewer lineup for years to come, not only did he have a terrible batting average (0.223) but a terrible power year (13 homers) and with only 103 strikeouts, he was a GO/FO guarantee some nights.

Anthony Young Award to Least Valuable Pitcher (AL):

Brad Penny – This was actually a tough choice between Carmona, Duesing, and Francis and even though Penny had an 11-11 record his ERA of 5.30 and a WHIP of 1.56  were atrocious and he easily could have been a 6-19 pitcher on a bad team.  The fact he had a solid lineup behind him helped his record tremendously.

Anthony Young Award to Least Valuable Pitcher (NL):

Derek Lowe – I had this between Lowe and Arroyo and had to give the nod to Derek.  At least with Arroyo you know what you are getting and he only lost 12 games.  Lowe on the other hand was supposed to be a key cog in the Braves pitching staff this year and had statistically the worst season of any starter with over 28 starts.  His 1.51 WHIP is the second worst, and his 5.05 ERA was second worst as well.  It was the 17 loses on a solid Braves team that through him over the top!

I hope you liked this list as it’s something that I think I will continually do as all seasons progress.  If you have more nominations or someone you think I omitted let me know.

Share your thoughts on some of the worst of the season!


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  1. Kevin says:

    Dunn has had more strikeouts than hits each season for his entire career, thats nothing new.

  2. Brian B says:

    Ok maybe its the pinstripes I bleed, but if we are talking futility, and the 2011 MLB season, how can it not just start and end in Boston, being from CT, all though just 45 minutes from Yankee Stadium, almost 4 hrs to Fenway, the last 6 yrs in South Fl, which is NY/CT/MA/PA/NJ all crammed here in Broward County, I must have gotten 250 txts Apr/May about all the pummeling the Sawx were handing the Yanks, but as I sat in my recliner 2 nights ago, clicker in hand, feverishly bouncing from Tampa to Baltimore, watching PapelBLOWN do his thing, and then watching Longoria take Scott Proctors final MLB pitch yard, I saw the end of all the futility I needed for a lifetime, let alone the 2011 season. So while you have addressed hitters and pitchers, maybe mine is for team award

  3. 1967ers says:

    No love/hate for John Lackey? 6.41 ERA and WHIP of 1.62?

  4. Chris says:

    How about Ryan Franklin. He managed to pitch himself all the way out of baseball. He was the definition of addition by subtraction.

  5. DanMan says:

    How about Jimenez? This guy was horrible every single game as he walked batter after batter and was torched more often then not. Even on a new team and change of scenery this guy sucked more then anyone.

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