Yesterday I did the awards for the worst in baseball, but since rookies get an award, then I have to give them an award too.  So without further ado, here are my picks for worst rookie hitters and pitchers this season:

Worst AL Rookie Hitter (The Luis Medina Award):

Hank Conger – Hank has been a major player in the world of AL prospects for years now, after injuries and set backs he was given the catching job on a silver platter.  It’s not that he was some kind of world beater in the minors, but I don’t think anyone expected a 0.209/6/19 seasons out of him.  He was a 0.300 hitter in the minors and he just can’t hit major league pitching.

Worst NL Rookie Hitter (The Jim Lindeman Award):

Jim Lindeman Autograph on a 1987 Donruss (#37)

Brandon Belt – It’s actually not his fault, he should not have been rushed to the majors.  After a stellar minor league season in 2010 where he progressed from A+ all the way to AAA, he was brought in to be a power presence in a lineup that really needed it.  Unfortunately he pulled a 0.225/9/18 in a third of a season, then got send back to the minors.  Can he rebound next season?  Not sure, but hope he can.

Now for the pitchers:

The AL Worst Rookie Pitcher Award (The Eric Bell Award)

Kyle Drabek – Drabek was supposed to offer some stability to a young rotation, he was acquired during the Roy Halladay trade and he was supposed to be the ace of the staff.  He promptly went out and took a dump on the Rogers Centre mound to the tune of 4-5 record, 6.05 ERA and 87 hits not to mention 55 walks in 79 innings.  Not quite ace status.

The AL Worst Rookie Pitcher Award (The Dave Shipanoff Award)

Dave Shipanoff Autograph on a 1986 Donruss (#34)

Jordan Lyles – Actually this was the easiest choice of all four.  He was by far away the worst “regular” rookie pitcher of the bunch.  A steaming pile of a 2-8 record, coupled with an ERA at 5.36 makes his season the worst of all NL rookies.  True he pitches for a bad team in Houston, but really his numbers speak for themselves, anythime you are giving up hits at a 0.286 clip, you are a hitter’s best friend.

OK who did I leave out?  Got any crap rookies?


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  1. Anthony Hughes says:

    Was it a typo, or was Kyle Drabek really supposed to add some “flair” to the Toronto rotation? 😛

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