I have always been a fan of Topps Finest, over the last few years though it has sort of taken a hit because of Topps Chrome.  It’s clear though that Topps puts more effort into the Finest line than the Topps Chrome line.  Above is a card I purchased from eBay for $3.50 ($1+$2.50 shipping).  Unfortunately the card does not scan well (Finest usually doesn’t), because of the divots on the front of the card, there is almost a holographic effect and the scan just can’t capture that.

I hate the sticker autographs, but I understand the need for them.  Since this is from the Rookie Premiere (where they take the pictures for the card) it would be tough to have them pose, manufacture and sign the card.  Instead have them sign thousands of little labels, which I have heard from people who have done it, that it SUCKS!  For a beginning of the year release, it’s pretty cool to have a rookie’s card with him in uniform.  Even though the patch is not from a game, but from the event, I still like the nice size of the patch.

As for the player, Bilal Powell currently sits fourth on the Jets depth chart.  He was drafted in the fourth round of this year’s draft out of Louisville.  At Louisville he was only a one year starter but did put up 1405 yards rushing and 11 touchdowns with a per carry average of 6.1 yards.  His 5’11” 207 lb frame makes him a natural as far as size for the position.  He does sit behind Shonn Green, LaDaian Tomlinson and Joe McKnight, so playing time is not going to come by easy.  He did however make the squad and should move up the depth chart once LT moves on.

The auto patch cards for Finest run all over the map as far as price.  I have seen the Newton card run for close to $200, and some of the lesser known rookies to run between $5- to $10.  Definitely not an easy set to complete, but it is a very nice looking card.

Do you have any of these Finest rookie autograph and patch cards? WHat do you think of the subset?


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  1. I don’t have any Lions yet. They’re cool looking.

  2. I bought a Pettis Platinum Patch. They absolutely blow these finest patches out of the water with the huge multicolor swatches.

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