Every professional athlete has to face the question, when to hang up the cleats for good?  I have watch Donovan McNabb since his days at Syracuse.  He seemed to be a magical quarterback even then.  I saw when he brought the Orangemen back from the dead against Virginia Tech and steal a win.  I watched him grow into one of the best dual threat quarterbacks as an Eagle.  Then it happened, as if the Philly fans knew something, they ran him out of town when they saw the cracks in the foundation.  That little something that shows he doesn’t have “it” anymore.

You could see the regression in Washington.  Maybe it was that I was a fan and didn’t want to admit that one of the players I had admired over the course of his career was getting old and couldn’t come up with the magic he once seemed to generate at a moments notice.  Sure there were still flashes, but they were few and far between.  I think it was when Shanahan said that he would rather go with Rex Grossman over McNabb.  I thought about that for a while.  At first I thought Shanny was crazy, then I realized that he wasn’t, that he realized the magic was gone.

McNabb wasn’t ready to cruise off into the sunset quite yet, he wanted one more chance, one chance to prove that he still had that magic to drive a team to the playoffs.  He signed with the Vikings, it seemed like a match made in heaven, AP in the backfield with Harvin to hit as a wide out, Shiancoe over the middle, how could it go wrong.  It went wrong because McNabb can’t do the little things that made him so special in Philly anymore. Fans started calling for Joe Webb or Christian Ponder to start.  You know it’s bad when fans actually want Joe Webb starting.

If McNabb gets replaced this early in the season, it really is over.  There is not going to be another team that would want to touch him.  He’ll hang up the jersey and pick up a microphone and become a commentator.  He just needs to admit it to himself that his career is over.  That really is the toughest thing.

As for his cards, the autographed cards are running about $20 – $30 in auctions.  They have held up pretty well through these past few bad seasons.  I do believe he is a Hall of Fame worthy quarterback and that his cards will rise with age.  The only thing left now is for McNabb to quietly fade into the distance.  His fans don’t want to see his career tarnished any more.


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  1. jj says:

    I live near Philly so of course the Eagles are my team, but the Mcnabb era was over when he lost in the SB, with the injuries and age it is time for him to go out as a good quarterback that could not get the job done. He will always be the QB with the questions hanging over his head, but 12 years in the NFL with no answers, he’s done. Hope he takes Ried with him.

    • I live near Philly, so of course I hate the Eagles, but truth be told McNabb was never a “good” quarterback. For years I had arguments with Eagles fans who swore the man was a half of famer. This guy is a joke, with moderately decent numbers. He doesn’t have the leadership qualities to be a quarterback in the NFL, nor is he even capable of motivating himself to make a play when his team needs him. Eventually the tide started to turn, and finally McNabb lost the fan base. After a decade of Hall of Fame talk, suddenly Philly fans were noticing the same issues I had been pointing out for a decade.

      McNabb has been credited as a dual threat quarterback, which to me is a joke. The guy stopped running years ago, and now he plays stiff, and paralyzed with fear. He lacks the touch, or accuracy to be a considerable threat in any offense, and defenses can even gameplan his faults as they are so consistent.

      I just got done an article the other day discussing how Reid has managed to hide his weaknesses as a head coach for years because of defense, and now that is starting to fall apart on his head. McNabb is in the same boat, and was simply the first thrown under the bus. Of course fans in Minnesota are calling for Joe Webb, he proved last December what it took McNabb a decade to prove… He’s capable of beating the Eagles.

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