Yesterday when I got home from work, I had a nice package waiting for me.  I thought about doing a video opening, but I know how Mrs. Chemgod likes to open these boxes.  This one retails for $99.99 on eBay and the product breakdown is:

  • 4 game used cards
  • 2 autographs
  • 3 non – autograph or memorabilia cards
I have to admit at first I was thinking it’s a bit steep but then I started looking at the list of players in it and came away really impressed:
The autograph checklist can be found <here>
The game used checklist can be found <here>
The non-memorabilia checklist can be found <here>
Basically the player list is very strong, we aren’t looking at a whole bunch of junior players and no names.  Every player on this list is pretty well known.  The hits break down to about $17 a piece, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t too bad.  I have had nothing but good luck with these boxes of late and as always ALL the cards will be given away!
Here is a breakdown of what was found in our box:
4 Memorabilia Cards:
  • Card WJG-27 – World Junior Grads – Alexander Semin (blue) Russia Jersey
  • Card IMM-10 – International Material – Nicklas Lidstrom (yellow) Swedish Jersey
  • Card CCM-9 – Canadian Cloth – Danny Gare – (red) Team Canada Jersey
  • Card CCM-29 – Canadian Cloth – Cam Ward – (red and white) Team Canada Jersey
See Scan Below:
2 Autographed Cards:
  • Card A-MG – Michel Goulet (Team Canada 1983 and 84)
  • Card A-BSMI – Bobby Smith (Team Canada 1978, 79, and 82)
See Scan Below:
3 Non Auto-Gamer Cards
  • 100 years of hockey “mini” card M. Gaborik
  • Card GM-10 – America’s World Cup Victory (Mike Richter)
  • Card PCC-05 – Protecting Canada’s Crease – 2002 – Martin Brodeur and Curtis Joseph
See Scan Below:
Overall I once away come away from this box impressed.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect but after getting the Semin, Lidstrom and Ward I was pretty impressed, top it off with two fan favorites for autographs and it’s a pretty good value for the box.  Don’t forget Bobby Smith beat out Wayne Gretzky for the QMJHL’s scoring title in 1978.  He won the Calder Trophy in 1978 and the Stanley Cup in 1986 with the Canadians.  Michel Goulet, the best sniper in the 80’s is in the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Very stout names for my autographs.
Seriously if I had to give a rating to this box I give it 4.5 stars, there isn’t a dud in the box all the way down to Danny Gare.  The only drawback I see are the three non-hits.  Now the final analysis:
Chemgod says, “Top to bottom a solid box, love these hits only boxes from ITG, not worried about the steep (in my mind) price tag because I will get value for my money. Very happy overall with this box and would buy it myself, I really hate to have to give away these cards!” 4.5 out of 5
Mrs. Chemgod says, “I personally wouldn’t be able to lay out $100 for the product because I don’t know enough about the history of Canadian hockey to feel comfortable with what I could get, however after seeing what we got I think it was good value for the money” 4.0 out of 5 (the old tyme card of Gaborik freaked me out, it’s creepy!)

4 responses »

  1. Bill says:

    I love these cards. Makes me want to get more into hockey. ITG rarely gets it wrong to me – at least in hockey anyway.

    Design wise – very colorful, great pics (although it would be great to see full body shots more often). My only downside is that ITG stuff tends to look very similar. I like it but it can get kind of old.

  2. nick rader says:

    Doesn’t seem worth it to rip it. People would prob be better off buying singles at shows or Ebay. Nice Bobby Smith.

  3. Kazi says:

    will be waiting to see how you will be giving them away this time—love reading your breaks–this stuff looks pretty good

  4. Was waiting to see a break before passing judgement on this product, but based on what I see here I’m very impressed. Based on the review I don’t think you even realized it, but the Ward jersey is a Gold variation limited to 10 copies (from what I can tell from ITG’s website) as opposed to the 120 copies that exist of the “Black” of Gare, so the value might actually better than you even knew! Great looking cards once again from ITG!

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