I needed a hook to bring people in and I figured what’s more outlandish than that right?  I mean if you were to look at Painter’s cards on eBay right now, you would think that is what’s going to happen.  I’ve seen some of his rookie autographed cards go for over $100.  Let’s look at his career numbers as a starter so far:

13/30 – 281 yards, 2 TDs, 0 Int.

15/27 – 277 yards, 2TDs, O Int.

Both were losses, the first to the Steelers and the second to the lowly Chiefs.  Now I won’t lie, he may play a full season in Indianapolis this year because Kerry Collins is old and Peyton is out the entire season.  You would think the movement in his cards would indicate he was a rookie . . . WRONG! This is his third season and before this season his play was disastrous.  I think the reason for his numbers is really simple, he has a strong receiving corp of receivers and tight ends.  It’s virtually impossible for him not to throw for 200+ yards.

Plus you know if the Colts finish the season in last place there is a strong likelihood that they will draft for the future in Andrew Luck, even if they have Peyton, who might be a big hit away from a finished career in football.  The absolute best that Painter could hope for is to keep his backup role in Indy.

Try telling that to collectors.  If he has another 250+yard / 2 TD performance in his next game his cards might be running in the $150+ range which is ridiculous.  It’s almost as though rich people have found eBay and just turned regular cards into super cards.  Here is a look at past sales for Painter <link> . Can you believe some of these prices for a career backup?

Someone please tell me I’m off base and that his cards are worth as much as $150 signed.  At least I would feel better.  Remember though, you have to say that with a straight face.  I’m not saying that Painter is completely talent less, because that would be wrong, but he is far from superstar status.  In contrast I can get Peyton Manning’s autograph for LESS than some of Curtis Painter’s autograph <link>.  That my friends is a travesty!


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  1. I think Painter is a talented kid from what I’ve seen of him, but that price range is what I’d expect to see in a few months for Luck. Realistically that kind of investment is a joke. But then again, Kevin Kolb never showed me anything but garbage in Philly, and he gets hyped as the super talented, and available franchise qb, that was treated like it was Peyton Manning, or someone similar. Even the king’s ransom that the Eagles got in return (DRC, and a 2nd round pick, are you kidding me?) would lead you to believe this guy was going to be some sort of megastar. Well who knows, he might be. #12 in passing yards so far this year, but only 5 td with 6 int, and a 1-4 record as the man in Arizona aren’t really cementing his place in Canton. But the point I am trying to make is this: If Painter plays himself into an opportunity to start somewhere next season, or even in 2013, and ends up as Kolb-esque trade bait, he’s still going to need produce in his new home to justify any money spent on his cards.

    Considering all that, $150 seems like a hell of a risk… might want to hit up Ebay for a Kevin Kolb auto instead, those can be had for as low as 99 cents. (That one ends in 12 hours, 30 minutes) He’s already been traded to a team that will give him his chance to build value.

    And for the record, when it comes to a situation like Kolb, or Painter, or any guy you feel “has a chance to be special,” there’s an old adage that says “Buy Low, Sell High.” At this point, you shouldn’t be paying anymore then $5-$10 for a Curtis Painter autograph. Unfortunately the majority of these hype cases never pan out, especially when the hype is built on two weeks of playing time. Although the kid does carry an endorsement from Reggie Wayne. Regardless, the deck is stacked against him, and I’d much rather be disappointed with a $10 investment, then thinking about the $10 autos I could have bought with the $150 I wasted on Painter’s auto. Start here http://www.ebay.com/itm/CURTIS-PAINTER-2009-UD-Football-Heroes-AUTOGRAPH-RC-25-199-Colts-Purdue-Auto-/390352492453?pt=US_Football&hash=item5ae2d257a5#ht_499wt_1416 it’s at $1.64, and ends in 12 hours.

    One question though, how do you buy a card like that for $150? Where do you think the resale value is going to? Favre holds pretty much every qb record in the book, and his auto cards with bids are running $10-$100. Enjoy showing off your collection in your ebay store asking $700 for it, haha.

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