What happens to basketball card prices when the season doesn’t materialize.  The players are very far apart from the owners in terms of getting a deal done and many NBA players have started to commit to playing overseas.  This could have serious ramifications on NBA cards.  First off, what happens to the releases? Second, what about all the rookies, if the season is cancelled, how does the industry deal will no rookie cards for a season?

If there is no season can their be a breakout rookie card?  I mean can you even remember who was drafted?  I sure can’t not without looking it up on the web.  What does it mean to the prices of cards.  The Kobe, Durrant, Love, LeBrown, Wade, and Griffen cards should be fine, but what about everyone elses?  I can’t see the old school guys like Bird, Jordan, Magic, etc having their prices drop, but everyone else’s who is currently playing might as well toss into the dollar bin.  Seriously I think there is going to be a mass sell-off of basketball cards and I think you are going to see a market dive if the ship isn’t righted soon.

Usually I side with the players on these deals, but in this case, I have to side with the owners.  They aren’t making any money and the players want a bigger share.  When the player rep was asked as to why a team like the Kings who currently operate in the hole should give out even more money, he simply said, the players are entertainers and need to be paid as such.  They can’t step down from what they are making.  TO be completely honest, I think the sport needs a complete reset.

No guaranteed contracts – I don’t have one, you probably don’t have one, the NFL players don’t have one, why do basketball players?  Their skill diminish more rapidly than NFL players, and their contracts kills the team’s competitiveness.  I don’t know about you but I am sick of hearing about teams who trade for expiring contracts.  Everytime I hear that I just want to throw up.

Block “Super Teams” – If a team wants three superstars, then it can have it, but if the yearly salaries go over the cap a steep cap penalty is set off, where the team might have to pay as much as a 25% surcharge to be payable to all the teams that didn’t blow the cap.

Soft cap – Hard cap doesn’t work, do a baseball soft cap but make the penalties much stiffer for circumventing it and going over it.

Get rid of rookie contract caps – This was dumb from the beginning. Rookies in the NBA are superstar ready.  There is no reason why they can’t be paid as superstars.  besides if they fail, you can always bounce them from the squad the next season since the contracts aren’t guaranteed.  Pay for play, that’s the best way to maximize talent in the league.

These would be radical changes for certain but it would make the league less susceptible to contract talks in the future.  Everyone wins, except for the fans, they always get screwed no matter what.  In the meantime though . . .

How much of a tumble are basketball cards going to take if the strike continues?

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  1. Dave says:

    If card prices drop that is the time to buy. Hard cap does not work????? NFL and NHL seem to make them work. Much more competitive leagues then MLB with its soft cap.

    • chemgod says:

      Both the NFL and NHL have floating caps, which increase as years progress, the NHL cap is a joke, most teams don’t even come close to hitting the cap. Both leagues can circumvent the cap by using the franchise player rule and by making only the bonuses count against the cap when letting players go. The NBA needs to set a minimum floor cap and a taxable ceiling. It will workin the long run, not initially but in the ling run it will

      • Dave says:

        the nhl does not have the franchise tag and they do have a salary floor. Nfl and nhl both are tied to revenue.

  2. Ryan G says:

    Baseball cards took a major hit because of the 1994 strike. I think the damage has already been done, and if this goes much longer you’re going to see even bigger discounts on cards. Most basketball autographs and jerseys end up in the dollar box already – dealers can’t get rid of common basketball hits as easily as baseball hits. But like Dave says, if prices drop, that’s the time to buy – if you buy selectively. In the long run, prices will recover on superstars like Kobe, Jordan, and Bird, but even they will take a bit of a hit in realized prices as people feel disgust towards the game or just forget about bidding – with nobody playing to compare to Michael Jordan, there will be some diminished interest.

  3. Brian B says:

    Pay for play??? Sorry Chemgod my friend, NEVER, for an athlete, for me and you, thats the way we live, now I am a baseball, football guy, sure I took the 45 minute ride to South Beach with my 15 yr old son to see “The Big 3”, once, the Florida Panthers, 10 minutes away, yeah, I stubhubbed 2-$150 face value, blue line, on the glass, row 1, for $85 total ONCE last yr, and I love my UCONN Huskies bball team, so Im not much for bball, but unlike football, that is growing money on friggin trees, even here with the piss poor Dolphins, my Giants have and always will take home the $$ in dump trucks. From what I know 1/3 of the NBA teams are losing ALOT of $$, how do you fix it, it aint by hittin me or you in our pockets, so its gotta be the players, and in the end, they will cave, they need the $$, gotta pay for all those cars in the garage, and bling around there neck. Everyone deserves to make an honest buck, the NFL finally agreed, eventually the NBA will do get it right, but thats up to the players…and they WILL cave, I cant go a yr with no pay, doubt many of us can

  4. Corky says:

    Previous lockouts/strikes have caused damage to leagues before, has the NHL even returned to the number of viewers they had before the 04-05 lockout? It now seems like hockey cards are mainly collected by serious collectors only, given the NBA has always been pretty popular so the loss in viewers and collectors probably will not be as serious but honestly when real people (the ones who pay for those tickets, jerseys, cards, etc,) are having enough trouble paying our own bills right now do any of us give a flying crap what 2 groups of millionaires want from each other?

    Personally I like your idea of a reset, let the owners and players loose a year or two of income and then have them come back to the table willing to work a deal. But don’t worry, Amar’e Stoudamire has a plan ready to roll, if the lockout remains he may just start a new league.

  5. sfs2003 says:

    I have to disagree with you in general here. I don’t think the players should be penalized because the owners are stupid. I refer you to these pieces by Malcolm Gladwell, http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/6874079/psychic-benefits-nba-lockout , http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/7021031/the-nets-nba-economics . Owning a basketball team isn’t a good business model unless you’re doing it for the reasons that the last Nets owner was doing it.

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