Nearly every sports pundit out there expected Tebow to fail against the Dolphins. I won’t lie, I expected it as well.  I really felt as though he was in way over his head.  I couldn’t understand why they would start him over Brady Quinn.  However now that I think about it, the coaching staff usually knows best.  If they won’t start Quinn, he must be awful.  Instead, Tebow started and know we have another week of Tebow, the second coming of Elway.

I was a pretty surprised when the Broncos took Tebow in the first round, most people including myself thought that he was third to fourth round talent at best.  Also every time I have seen him play he just looked completely over matched out there.  When I watched the game yesterday I saw that same confusion at first but then I saw a colmness and a sense of leadership that I haven’t seen on the grid iron in years.  That’s when I though crap, now we are going to have Tebow Mania all over again in the hobby.

When his cards first hit the market, they were red hot.  His were worth the most out of any of the rookies that season.  That price didn’t drop much while he continued to watch Orton from the sideline.  There were just too many people hoping, and I can’t believe I am saying this but, also probably praying as well.  Well he finally got his chance and I have to tell you that even though he beat the lowly Dolphins, he did it on the road and also in the fourth quarter.

I don’t know if he can continue his magic, but watch his cards move up like crazy over the next few weeks, regardless of how he does on the field.  Already some of his cards have sold for:

If he has another great game, these will more than likely take a 10% – 15% bump.  So hold on to your Tebow cards and ride the wave of enthusiasm all the way to the bank.  If he does really well, hold on to the card long term.  I think we are all every curious as to what he has in the tank for the next game.

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