Well just to close out the faded Jeter autograph story.  They guy who had the issue mailed me these photos showing what he got in good faith from Topps.  Here is what Topps did as a their gesture for issuing a card autographed with a sub par pen of their cover boy Jeter:

Yep that’s TWO packs of 2011 Topps Heritage Minor League trading cards.  When he last finished contacting Topps, he really thought he was going to at least a pack of tribute or something.  Instead he got $6 worth of packs and about $1 worth of cards:

There is a silver lining to this, he is selling it on eBay.  Seriously though, I have to give a big thumbs done to Topps, they just should have not sent anything.  I just don’t understand how they couldn’t have sent some unclaimed and expired redemption card?  Even a NPN card would have been better than this.  My heart goes out to the guy, a shitty Jeter vanishing autograph and 18 shitty cards.  WAY TO GO TOPPS!


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  1. Scott says:

    Almost better to not do anything Topps. I mean if you’re not gonna even try…

  2. jj says:

    Wow I’m really shocked that Topps had the balls to send not only just two packs of cards but minor league cards to boot. Yes if Topps was to correct the issue they should have sent something of at least the value of 100.00 range, but that’s good old topps. I’m pretty sure they could have opened up the vault for this guy.

  3. bamlinden says:

    Mighty fast shipping though.

  4. Mike D says:

    There are so many different roads this one could go.
    They acknowledged that there was a problem by sending some form of compensation. A problem from 10 years ago. At least they recognized something was wrong.
    The “compensation” was in the form of two retail packs of minor league cards. Which seems a little slight. I would agree that they should have something laying around the coffers, even if its a James Loney patch card or Fred Lynn All Star jersey.
    It does fall under the gray area of what the autograph is worth. To Topps, looks like it is straight merchandise. To the guy who had it in a bank box, more than just merchandise. And had he pulled Bryce Harper mojo (wouldn’t that have been ironic?), then are the two packs then worth the value of a faded autograph?
    Not sure how I feel about it…I know I would have been a little more upset if I was the guy with the Mazeroski card with nothing on it.

  5. Dave H says:

    At the very least they could have sent him packs with HITS in them….

    Glad to see Topps hasn’t made an appearance in the world of hockey again if this is how they are running their company…..

  6. Offy says:

    I’m not sure what people would expect Topps to do in this situation. This isn’t even on par with an expired redemption card. When Topps had the card signed, they did so in good faith and from what I’ve read there are other copies of this card with perfectly good autographs. Tough to pin the issue on Topps in that situation.

    What if the guy dropped the card and it was no longer mint? Would he expect Topps to replace it with a mint card? How do we know the guy stored the card properly? What was it in? Was it in a screw down? Those are terrible for cards and are often overtightened. Was it stored with PVC free supplies? What were the conditions where he stored it? There are just too many variables.

    Before you shit all over Topps. They sent me a lot more when they accidentally sent me someone else’s replacement cards and I shipped them back to them. When Topps makes a mistake, they make up for it from what I’ve seen in my situation and many others. This is far from their mistake and the fact that they sent anything is a credit to them.

    What you should be asking is what makes the autographs below fine and this one fade? I seriously doubt it was anything that Topps did. If I had to put money on it, I’d guess this card was screwed in a shoddy screwdown at some point.



  7. Michael says:

    The only thing this guy needed is a lesson in how to properly protect your cards. Thats what it looks like to me. All of ther other Jeter cards I’ve seen from that set, don’t have any fading issues. Just his… hmmm

  8. Yeah, I don’t know the situation but I’m on the bandwagon with the other “card protection” commentors. It just seems too weird that there are not more of these issues.

  9. 1967ers says:

    I’d never heard that about the old screw-downs. I’ll have to go look at just what I have stored in those things. Nothing modern, though, so no glossy surfaces. That should help.

    I do wonder just how common the fading was.

  10. blevins26 says:

    If you’re going to do something for the customer, it can’t be 2 crappy packs of minor league players. Send a $20 retail blaster at least. The point is that if you are Topps, you’re hoping that you give this guy a story that he can tell on facebook, beckett, etc that makes Topps look like an awesome company. If you aren’t even going to try, just don’t send anything.

  11. unclemoe says:

    I’ll take the cards if he doesn’t want them. I like that set.


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