When I got back into card collecting, there were a ton of new sets and most of them had some bells and some whistles, but when I first saw Topps HD, I thought, wow!  I’m not sure how many people remember the set because it only ran in production from 1999 – 2001.  Here is what the 2001 cards looked like:

As you can see the photos were very vibrant, and the full stats on the back was definitely a plus.  However what made this set unique was the thickness of the base cards, it was one of the first sets that I remembered that had the thickness of blocker sized cards as it’s base set.  I remember that it barely fit in a penny sleeve.

I only bought one pack of this set but it did have a Pat Burrell card in it and I seemed to remember me being pretty psyched about that.  For the most part of eBay, the cards can be purchased for about a dollar each. Of course like all sets of it’s day (which continues even now), there were lots of parallels and die cuts and some of those run $10 or even more.  This is one of those sets, that I wished Topps brought back, even as an insert in a bigger set, that would be pretty cool.

Do you remember Topps HD?  Did you like / hate it?


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  1. Patrick says:

    I have a Jeter 2000 Topps HD signed, cost me my bank, but well worth it. The card is beautiful, and so is the signature.

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