OK I’ve always wondered about my readers, who are they who do they know.  So here is your chance, who is the most famous person you have ever met.  Here is the catch, you had to have had a conversation with this person or be able to call them.  I know that you can lie about this, but try not to. So in the comment section put the most famous person you have ever chatted with and the most famous person you could call and chat with.  The only thing I say no to are players or people met at an autograph signing (that’s too easy!).  I mean I met Bryce Harper when he signed my bat but I don’t think that should count.

Here is mine:

I met and had a lunch with Phil Rizzuto (along with my family to discuss a charity he was involved with).

I can call and chat with the former boss of Howard Stern and the current boss of Opie and Anthony, Chuck Roast.

Entries due in by 7pm Monday!

Here is the kicker, the best three are chosen by me and my wife.  Those three will get put in a poll and my readers will decide the winner!  So if you are going to fib, you’d be fibbing to the readers and not me.

Good luck everyone!  The game used will be from whatever team you want. So maybe include it in there

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  1. Mike Weber says:

    You should make people include either a picture with the person, or some form of identification. Because anybody can say they know people just to win.

  2. Mike Weber says:

    But myself, I live in New Jersey and I see derek jeter all the time around town, going to the bank and such. He drives a lamborghini and is a really nice guy. (Just referring back to your previous blog.) Im sure if derek saw what topps did, he would have made it up himself by signing a baseball for the guy.

    • Story checks out, lol. Jeter definitely does drive a lambo, my coworkers watched him get out of it in the players lot during the 2009 World Series, and it was the talk of the night for them after work.

  3. Wow, this is almost cheating for me. I’ve worked concert, sports, and event security, so I have my fair share of stories. I worked personal security for Tommy Lee for the week before the Crue Fest 2 tour kicked off. Sitting around on stage with him playing drums until 3-4 in the morning, and then smoking with him before he headed to his hotel. Also have smoked with Dave Matthews, Buckethead, and Phil Lesh. I had a 45 minute conversation about books with Tim from Rise Against, and Brandon Boyd of Incubus asked me if I knew where to find any “grass” during a conversation backstage, lol. I jammed with Kings of Leon a bit during sound check. Before security work, I got in a fist fight with Chester from Linkin Park at Ozzfest 2001 when I was 17.

    Sports…. I’ve had a beer with John Kruk, and had lengthy conversations with him and he supposedly left tickets at will call for me for the final game of the 2009 World Series at Yankee stadium (didn’t want to drive up there to find out he was just giving me lip service, so it’s a nice “what if” memory). Cal Ripken Jr. who was a childhood hero was legit nicest guy I’ve met in baseball. Also had convos with Dennis Eckersly, Dave Winfield, and David Wells. Being blessed with post season after post season with the Phillies, I’ve had the pleasure of working the MLB executive party tent for both the NLCS, and the World Series, and the list of names I’ve had casual conversations with is mind boggling. Not that they have name value, but cool for me, I had a nice long convo with the security guys for the Stanley Cup the night the Hawks won it in Philly. (A cool side note, I was on camera about 15 feet from the cup presentation, so I was all over ESPN, etc for a few days.) Also met coaches, players, and alumni working sideline security for Villanova football, and courtside for Nova hoops.

    I went to elementary school with Isaac Redman from the Steelers, and I’ve also met Kevin Ross, and Willie “Flipper” Anderson multiple times. (Kevin went to school with my uncle, Flip graduated with my mom.) I played basketball with Gary Brackett back in the day too, and was high school friends with Jon, and Joe Crispin. Joe played a few games for the Lakers, and Suns. I met Heisman winner Ron Dayne, former Viking DeWayne Washington, and a handful of non memorable young kids that never ammounted to much through a school guidance counseler whose son (Damian Covington) was drafted by the Bills out of N.C. State, and DuJuan Wagner through a teacher.

    Also when I worked in a porn shop I met Shawn Barber, and Jason Dunn who were both customers, and a few Ottowa Senators who stopped in looking for directions to a party at the home of a few Flyers. (Was tempted to stop by that address when I got done, but figured probably not a good idea, lol.)

    Then there is the world of wrestling. I trained for pro wrestling in the early 2000s, and have been in the ring, and hung out with so many people on the current WWE, and TNA rosters, perhaps the biggest name being former World Champion CM Punk. Although, Greg “the Hammer” Valentine offering to share his crack with me goes down in my all time top ten memories. The list of talked to, partied with, etc for wresting is endless, but highlights are Ric Flair, the Great Muta, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Ruckus, Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne in WWE), Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan in WWE), and Necro Butcher. 99% of people don’t know who that is, but he is legit one of my favorite people from my time in the business.

    Last but not least, politics. I met Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell working Phillies post season coverage, and Vice President Joe Biden at the commisioning of a Navy batteship. Rendell was the only one I got to talk to though, as my crew was responsible for helping the secret service with his escort from the stadium to his car. Didn’t know governors had their own secret service team until then, but Rendell personally complimented me by name to my boss, as did his head of security I later found out.

    There are plenty more, but it’s hard to try to remember them all. My wife has been throwing random names at me as I type this, and we’ve just been laughing about how this list seems so crazy, but someone is probably going to slaughter it with thier list. As far as people I can call right now, there are a handful of MLB front office people, and production workers for ESPN, and Fox Sports that nobody would know by name, a few football players but I’d rather not name drop those, trying to stay professional as I’m getting my football site of the ground, lol. So I guess I’m going to go with Joe Crispin, or Isaac Redman. Neither is currently in my phone, but either number could be tracked down with a singe phone call. Not too sure that Redman would remember be though.

  4. AJ says:

    My job allows me to meet many ESPN personalities and athletes, although I dont have a personal relationship with most.

    The most famous person I have in my cell phone that I could call is Bob Bryan, one half of the “Bryan Brothers” – the championship doubles tennis team.

  5. Spankee says:

    Well, having grown up with David Wright, Justin Upton, BJ Upton, and a couple other major leaguers, I’d have to say the most famous is David Wright. He played high school basketball with my brother and I was good friends with Dave’s brother in high school and college. I’ve hung out at their house several times in high school, most often playing ping pong.

  6. jj says:

    Troy Vincent, he used storage with me, I tried to play it off that I did not know who he was, but he really wanted me to know, pulled out licence and had a 20 minute conversation about him being involved with the NFLPA

  7. Ryan G says:

    My brushes with greatness have been fleeting at best. Mandy Moore held my hand and serenaded me at a concert, and I met Ben Folds after a concert and got his autograph. But I’m not sure if they count or not. I’ve had a brush-by with Robin Williams, but no conversation (dangit), and I almost ran Tegan and Sara over with my car when they darted across the street. Oddly enough, a few months before Tegan and Sara were standing right next to me chatting with a friend, though I didn’t talk with them then. And I worked with a woman who was the mother of one of the members of Sugarland, but I never met her.

    Not as exciting as the other stories, I think, and nobody I went to school with became famous, as far as I know. But they’re my little stories.

  8. Oh geeze this is hard for me to choose. I live in Los Angeles, I see actors/actresses all the time. In fact I know where a few of them live, but I wouldn’t call them buddies.

    MOST recently I worked on Alexander Von Furstenberg’s $13 million house remodel. I spoke with him and his fiance Ali Kay several times, and they were as sweet as can be. Magic Johnson lives next door to them, but I didn’t meet him. Spoke with his sister in law though.

    About a decade ago I worked with Tony Hawk on a stunt that MTV did for one of their shows. He did a skateboard jump from one rooftop to another 5 stories up and 20 feet across. I worked for the company that owned the buildings and was the on-site liason. Also met the band 311 that day. Later that year we had the movie “Town and Country” film on our location and I spoke to Warren Beatty and Natassja Kinski.

    I know that film director/actor Paul Mazursky frequents the Farmer’s Market on 3rd and La Brea, and I’ve spoken to him a couple of times, he’s really cool.

    My wife works at a courtoure shop in Beverly Hills. She has some very famous clients, but I haven’t met them.

    OH and I forgot the most most recent – I discovered that Cobie Smulders takes her daughter to the same yoga instructor that I take my daughter to. I saw her a couple of weeks ago and just told her I loved her work and watched the show every week (which isn’t BS, I do). She’s really sweet. Last week I wore my Kings jersey and actually asked her about her work on THe Avengers movie – I wondered if she was still shooting (she’s not). I told her that if she had been I was going to ask her to tell Joss Whedon (the director) that I named my daughter after one of his characters (Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity). She laughed and said he was a great guy (The Best she said). Then I left her alone. Her daughter is actually in the class after mine.

    That discounts the dozens of folks I’ve met in various places around town – Claudia Black, Sara Rue, Robin Williams (in SF) etc

  9. Josh D. says:

    Alex Trebek. I was on the Jeopardy Teen Tournament and got to chat with him after the shows taped.

  10. Mike D says:

    I don’t quite have the chops of Roemmich, but I have a similar path of merit.
    I work in sports and media, so I get to meet athletes and musicians on a regular basis. I don’t know what ranks as far as wow factor to score for the big prize in this game, but I have met a lot of “local” stars at events. Just recently working the Purdue-Notre Dame football game, I stood in line with Tim Brown during pre-game dinner. Nice guy, one of my all-time childhood football idols growing up in South Bend. While working Purdue football games over the years, I have met and interviewed Drew Brees (and I went to school with him and even partied a couple times with him on campus). And his wife, Brittany, is from Syracuse, IN and went to the high school my wife graduated from. I have also worked with Matt Painter, Gene Keady, Leroy Keyes (really nice guy one on one) and several Purdue athletes along the way.
    When I was little, I got to play touch football with Chris Zorich, Lou Holtz and Pat Murphy – who was the quarterback for our team and at the time was the head coach for Notre Dame baseball.
    My uncle also coached John Smoltz when Smoltz was an all-star high school player in Michigan, and if it counts, my uncle Frank is in the Michigan High School Baseball Hall of Fame!
    I have also worked exclusively with the bands Sevendust and Egypt Central on several occasions, and many others. I didn’t smoke dope with Tommy Lee or Dave Matthews, but so it is!!!
    I guess in all that the biggest star I have met is Drew Brees.
    My phone call would be Shanna Zolman, who played in the WNBA and with Tennessee. She grew up in Syracuse, IN, as well and frequents her alma mater high school which is where I cover ballgames. Her parents live a block away and I’m friendly with the family. I could also have my uncle Frank make a call and get Smoltz on the phone, if that counts???

  11. Mike D says:

    I forgot to mention – for the cause – that I went to school with Kris Dielman, lineman for the San Diego Chargers, and also played intramural basketball against Mike Rosenthal and Scott Driesbach, who both went to my high school and went on to play in the NFL. Driesbach was a quarterback at Michigan around the same time Tom Brady was there and Rosenthal went to Notre Dame.
    I also could make a direct phone call to Stephen Conrad, who is one the semi-pro golf tour and my friend Scott Crawley is a Hollywood actor and was the body double for Nicolas Cage in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (it’s Scott’s likeness on the cover with Cage’s head Photoshopped on) and my friend Kevin was a host on Access Hollywood and works in Hollywood production.
    I guess I just made another entry…….

  12. Michael says:

    I’ve had two convo’s with Nate Burleson when he was with the Vikings. Met him outside after a dinner, and at the bank waiting in line. I can call Brad Hand, rookie pitcher for the Marlins. He grew up a few houses down from me.

  13. Scott Frost says:

    Okay I’n not one to brag but I have to share. I am a friend of Shaun Gayle’s from the 1985 Chicago Bears. I am a cop in a small town in a north suburb of Chicago and was assigned to a Homicide Task Force when Gayle’s girlfriend and the mother of his unborn child was murdered in 2007 in Deerfield, Illinois. I was one of two lead investigators assigned to investigate the matter. In that time I developed a friendship with Gayle and had the opportunity to have dinner with him on serveral occassions. I have his telephone number and home address and have photographs to back up my claims. Once the arrest was made in 2009 and the suspect was convicted in 2011, I had a once an a lifetime opportunity to do a segment with ABC’s 20/20 where I was inteviewed by JuJu Chang (now on Nightline). During my stay in New York, I was provided the opportunity to be on the set of ABC’s Good Morning America and met tv correspondents Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. I have photographs with these two as well as JuJu Chang whom I still stay in contact with via email today. Feel free to go to ABC’s 20/20 website and view my 15 minutes of fame as the segment aired April 15, 2011 and I am the one wearing the purple colored shirt. Again, I dont have much to brag about but do have a great story for my son once he gets old enough to comprehend my accomplishment. Thank you!

  14. Dawbones says:

    I have no one in my phone contacts that I would consider remotely famous. The most famous sports figure I’ve passed in the halls of my high school was Alonso Mourning.

    As for the people I’ve met in person, my absolute favorite has got to be Stephen Furst. He played Flounder in Animal House. I have had the opportunity to have several conversations with him and he is a genuinely nice guy. He is also from my home town area, having graduated from one of my local schools. He also “bypassed” the rather long autograph line for Jeremy Bulloch for me at a show, walking to the head of the line and getting an auto for his very good friend and “hometown neighbor”. Jeremy Bulloch played the bounty hunter Boba Fett in the Star Wars movies.

    An interesting side-note. He also appeared in the movie as an extra. For those star wars geeks, the scene where Lea tells Luke, “Go Back, It’s a Trap!”, the guard that pulls her back is Bulloch. Apparently, they were short on actors and someone told him to report to wardrobe, hence, his double role!

    One of the more interesting folks I’ve run into when I was younger was Mary McDonough, the girl that played Erin Walton on the Waltons. I literally ran into her at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg on the bumper cars!!

  15. Jay says:

    Met Stevie Ray Vaughan on numerous occasions . I would ask the folks at the local record stores for the Stevie Ray promotional posters on their store walls and either make my way backstage (presented SRV a sculpture one time) at a show or go over to the hotel where Stevie was staying (before the gig) and get those posters signed. The wife and I helped this summer in assisting legendary Detroit concert poster artist Gary Grimshaw and his wife Laura with the set up and tear down of Garys art display for numerous art shows this summer. We stay in touch.

  16. Anthony says:

    my story doesnt top these readers! once i had lunch with gene the stick michaels…a friend i knew worked for the yankees and thus how i had this encounter. Unfortunately i did not know who he was at the time and as we talked about baseball (who was better the 96 yankees (his argument) or the 2000 mets (my argument) i proceeded to tell him that he knew nothing about baseball, and if i wear him id read a book once in a while or watch ESPN! LOL as for knowing a celeb…i only know reality tv star Nikki from he TLC show “big sexy” (sorry no sports stars!) love the blog!


  17. Josh D. says:

    I could probably call and chat with Tom Snyder, the World Sudoku Champion. We went to college together.

  18. Corky says:

    I grew up in Tucson and I was fortunate enough to meet Lee Marvin and chatted with him on a number occasions. I was 10 when I first met him and he got a kick out of knowing that I could quote his movies on cue. He was always out driving around in his POS faded blue Chrysler; you would never realize he was an actor if you didn’t know him. Also Todd Shell was an alum from my high school and was my assistant football coach for an off-season training program.

    Currently I would say artist Mike James and Jared Kelley (both have done work for In The Game and Kelley did some of Upper Deck’s Masterpiece painting cards) are probably the most famous people I can contact and just chat with.

  19. deal says:

    I am not sure if he is the most famous personality I met but I once sat next to Harry Kalas on a Plane. I recounted the tale in a blogpost a few years back.

    other favorites:

    Had a few beers w/ Art Donovan (the 50s era football player) at a wedding, Recently I saw Donald Trump at a Wedding, but I didn;t talk to him.

    I would have to think about it, but i can’t think of anybody in my rolodex that I can call.

  20. tomseaver says:

    I met Muhammad Ali when I worked at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City years ago. He was very nice and talked quietly until hoards of people recognized him and he then proceeded to pretend box with a friend of mine. I met him a couple of years later when he was much shakier and he did magic tricks for a few people. He signed a piece of paper for me too.

  21. carlsonjok says:

    I met and talked with John Volstad, the actor who played My Other Brother Darryl on Newhart, at my sister’s wedding. He volunteered at the same camp for kids with cancer in Vermont as my sister and (now) brother-in-law. If they had held their wedding a week earlier, I could have met Larry, too.

  22. Bill says:

    Conversation: Kevin Bacon – I used to ride horses and was at an event in upstate NY where he was competing on a team against in the same event that I was in. I was shoveling horse crap out of the back of a trailer and he went by on his horse. I happened to stop and lean on my shovel as he walked by. I thought I would ask how the course was since I hadn’t competed yet and he stopped and talked to me about that and some other things for a good 5-10 minutes. Then went on. This whole time I had no idea who he was. About a minute later someone I knew came and asked if I’d see Kevin Bacon go by. I tried to look for him again but he was lost in the sea of horse trailers.

    I had the same kind of experience with Gary Payton in the Las Vegas airport. I knew who he was though and we talked about basketball stuff with me as we walked to our gates. At first he didn’t really want to talk but I think when he realized I wasn’t going to ask him for anything I think he didn’t mind talking as much. It was great to shake the hand of “The Glove.”

    Cell Phone: If you’ve ever heard of the band In This Moment, Jeff Fabb is the drummer. He was the drummer in the band I had all through high school. They’ve had some videos out there and played Ozzfest and all that. Not super famous but its as close as I’ll get to answer that.

  23. A. Hughes says:

    When working as a manager at Westin South Coast Plaza hotel, I frequently met famous people. Most were very friendly. I met Liv Tyler, checked her in and talked to her for a few minutes and didn’t even know who she was… so sad. But this was 1995 or ’96 and I think the Aerosmith video was about her only real screen appearance. I met Margaret Thatcher, Tom Hanks, Brian Setzer, David Cassidy, George Schultz and James Whitmore. Mr. Whitmore needed a ride to the Performing Arts center, so I took him over in the hotel’s Lincoln. On the way, I had a conversation about his Twilight Zone episode, and how good he was in Shawshank Redemption.
    But the guy I remember most was Little Richard. He insisted that the manager on duty have the only key to his room and when he returned form a show he had done, I had to go up and let him in. His assistant had me follow him up to the room and open it, I figured it would end there, but I turn around and here he is, Mr. Purple himself and he put out his hand and said “Thank you so much” and shook my hand. Outside I was cool and collected, but inside I was like a little girl at a Beatle’s concert in 1964.
    I also met Eric Douglas, son of Kirk, brother of Michael. Him, unfortunately, I spoke with more than any of the others because he is an annoying jack ass and only complained about every single detail of his stay at the hotel. Seriously, he complained that the mixture of water and whiskey at the bar was horrible and that we were cheating him. The bartender there, an older man who was probably tending bar back when liquor was illegal, was so flustered with Douglas that he refused to serve him! Even if I had Eric Douglas’ number I wouldn’t call it.

  24. Tribecards says:

    I can’t compete with the insiders on here, but thought I’d post a few of my meetings/known folks. Probably the most ‘well-known’ that I could call any time would be Congressmen Mike Ross. I’ve known him for years and have done IT consulting for him (as well as general hanging out/chit-chat). When I was much younger, we hung out with all the of Pittsburgh Spirit all the time. My Dad and two of our family friends had MISL connections through refereeing and we would hang out with the Spirit at Christmas parties, etc. I used to have a hat made from an old soccer ball, autographed in person at one party, but my brother sold it when we were in college. I’m sure he needed beer or something. As for Educational Technology, I am very good friends with Kevin Honeycutt and Tim Holt. I once interviewed one of the founders of CyberAction Digital Trading Cards for my blog. My wife spent some time with the Clintons when she was in high school (I know, that’s not me, just throwing in there for fun).

  25. blevins26 says:

    I once met Roger Staubach at the Dallas Airport. I thought it was him, but I wasn’t sure so I went up to him and asked, “Are you Roger Staubach?” To which he replied with probably the most bad ass line ever, “I used to be.” I’ll never forget it!

  26. I don’t know about “most famous”, but I played softball for a season with Art Kimbro, the actor who “isn’t going to fall for a banana in the tailpipe”

    Great guy.

  27. BJ says:

    Back in college, me and a few other guys had pie with Dale Murphy at his house and chatted with him about a few things. I knew him through church, but I didn’t spend nearly enough time with him that I would expect him to still remember me. By the way, he sure is a humble guy. The whole time he was helping our congregation as an adviser of sorts, you never would have known he was a former baseball MVP. I don’t think I ever heard him mention baseball except for the rare times that someone asked him about it in private conversation.

    The most famous person I could phone and chat with would be Pedro Rojas, a reporter for Univision in Houston. Not famous enough for me to be in contention, of course, but a great guy nonetheless.

    And I know this doesn’t count since I have only met him at autograph signings or Texans events, but JJ Moses, the former Cyclone and Texan, is probably the happiest guy I can think of, athlete or non-athlete. I wish he was still playing because he would be a great guy to cheer for. He is non-stop smiles and just a down-to-earth guy.

    One last one for Mike, since I know you’re a U of A alum. In high school we went to U of A’s campus for some math club event, and at lunch we went to the local Sizzler. Another one of the students recognized Sean Elliott, who by then was well into his pro career, come in, and I wanted his autograph so I asked him to sign a (clean) Sizzler napkin–it was all I could find. He was nice about it, especially since looking back that was pushy on my part. Speaking of U of A, I’ve been wondering for a long time why you don’t like the NBA more after going to a school with such a strong basketball tradition? But that could be a whole post for you…

  28. night owl says:

    I’m too late for any contest, but thought I should add my conversations with the famous as I’ve been a sportswriter/editor the last 20 years.

    I’ve interviewed Tony La Russa one-on-one in his manager’s office. I’ve talked to John Elway one-on-one after a Monday night football game. Interviewed David Robinson in a Hill’s Department Store. Have interviewed former Calgary Flame/St. Louis Blue/L.A. King Craig Conroy many times. Funny you should mention Erik Cole. He went to college in my area and I interviewed him once. Todd White, too. For the oldies crowd, I’ve interviewed ’70s Pirate/White Sox Richie Zisk, interviewed Joe and Phil Niekro at the same time over the phone, talked to ex-Pirate/Met Jeff King in a Buffalo locker room. More recently, interviewed Eric Gagne on field at Olympic Stadium, Sean Casey over the phone, Craig Biggio and Art Howe after a game. I’ve talked to Thurman Thomas, Darryl Talley and Cornelius Bennett in the Bills locker room. Interviewed recently departed Bills center Kent Hull, too. I’ve interviewed former Orioles manager Dave Trembley many times (he’s a hometown boy). Former Astros pitcher/current broadcaster Jim Deshaies is also from the area and I’ve talked to him a few times. I talked to former Tigers pitcher John Doherty and ex-Royal U.L. Washington when I was just starting out. Interviewed Bob Shaw (pitched for White Sox in ’59 World Series). Interviewed Frank Smith — my favorite “famous person” interview ever. He was a reliever for the Reds in the ’50s. Did a big feature on current Bengals running back Brian Leonard when he was a high school senior. Couple other hockey players — Marty Reasoner and Brian Skrudland.

    That’s most of what I can recall right now, there a few other minor baseball guys I’ve talked to — Alan Benes, John Mabry, Mark Sweeney, Tom Bruno (some great interviews). I like to mention this because the job can be a pain. This reminds me of one of the reasons I got into journalism.

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