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When I started reading the responses to the who do you know contest, I came across a pattern.  There were people who knew a ton of people, people who knew a few people, and some who knew one or two famous people.  So I am going to leave it up to the readers, below are the best of the three catagories. I tried to limit it to 3 but I just couldn’t! You pick one winner.  Please try not to get your friends to vote for you, that ruins the whole point of the contest.  I want the readers to pick the winner. Oh and if you win please be prepared to share a photo so I can get it on the blog.

OK now as for me, all the famous people I have met over the years:

As a child:

Bobby Murcer – mall signing

Erik Estrada – Las Vegas event with my parents

Billy Jean King – Las Vegas event with my parents

Bill Cosby – Las Vegas event with my parents

Angie Dickinson – Las Vegas event with my parents

Leon Spinks – Las Vegas event with my parents (shook my hand and I was amazed at how strong he was and how big his hands were)

Mickey Mantle – At his restaurant in NYC with my dad

Lenny Dykstra – card show (was a total asshole, I knew that even as a kid!)

Ted Williams – card show

Pete Rose – card show

Joe DiMaggio – card show

George Steinbrenner – met with my parents

Phil Rizzuto – met with my parents


Sean Elliot – Many times on campus and after games when I worked at the student radio station along with:

Chris Mills

Bison Dele

Sean Rooks (very nice guy)

Damon Stoudemire (ate breakfast at the same table as him for about a year)

Rob Waldrop (Outland Trophy winner)

Chuck Levy – had a class with him and he only showed up for the first class and the final

The band Belly (feed tree)

Members of Soundgarden

Trent Reznor

Rob Zombie

Everyone from Smashing Pumpkins

Members of the band Seaweed

Anika Sorenstam – was in a class with me

Leta Lindsy (LPGA) – was also in a class with me

Fran Tarkington – knew his daughter

Ivan Rodriguez

Mike Mussina

Jeff Hammonds

Dusty Baker (Arizona Fall League worked with Tucson Javelinas)


Troy Toluwitzki

Alex Gordon

Pedro Alverez

Eric Hosmer

Bryce Harper

Gerit Cole

Tyler Hansborough

Christian Laettner

Erik Cole (got my haircut next to him had no idea it was him)

All members of the 1998 Montreal Canadians team

Most players on the 1999 Senior PGA tour

That’s all I got.  Good luck to everyone!


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  1. Brian B says:

    I didnt enter, although have spent a good 30 minutes on Bret Michael’s tour bus, on 6-7 different occasions over the past 10 yrs, as recently as July, meet so many Yankees
    I cant count, happily got Jon Bon Jovi VERY early in his career out of a luxury box in the Meadowlands, the suite was Jon, and like 20 suits at a Judas Priest concert, and we shared a “smoke’ together. Former Eagle and Giant Jerome McDougal is in my fantasy football league, and the last game he played as a pro, the jersey is in my closet, but being a huge UCONN Bball fan, Oh Chemgod, I would trade it all, for a 3 second meet and greet with my fist, to knock the crap out of Christian Laettner, then of course hope I hit him hard enough, he wouldnt be able to get up and chace me down. He is in my top 3, even as a disabled, busted up back, would walk up to him, and knock him silly, just cant stand him, the game, the shot is long forgotten(see Bon Jovi story), but I would so hit that fool upside his head

    • chemgod says:

      Brian, had you entered you would have made the poll. Anyone who is in a fantasy football league with a former first round NFL draft pick deserves to be in this poll. How funny!

      On a side note when I was about 20 I was staying at the Riviera in Las Vegas with some college friends and my family. I’m heading up to my room and as I turn the corner to enter the elevator area and I literally run into John Elway. I walked right into him and let me tell you it was me on my ass not him, a huge freaking guy. At the time my beloved Seahawks were in the AFC west and there was nothing I would have rather done then take out his kneecap. Instead the only thing I could think of as he was helping me up was, wow that’s John Friggin’ Elway. Try as I might I couldn’t speak I just stared at him creepily with a shit eating grin on my face.

  2. Dave H says:

    Annika is pretty impressive. I am a huge fan of hers. What was she like as a student?

    • chemgod says:

      She would take off a half a week at a time for Golf and she would ace most tests. Very smart girl although it was a language class and she spoke at least 3 different languages.

      Smartest student athlete I ever met was hands down John Fina (All-Pro OT/OG for the Bills, even scored a TD in the Super Bowl) who was in many of my chemistry classes. He knew organic chemistry cold, where I flunked it twice. Not only did he show up for every class and every test, but also every lab and every study session. Dude knew his stuff when it came to chemistry.

  3. If I didn’t vote for myself, it would have been Deal with the bad ass Art Donovan story. 🙂

  4. chemgod says:

    The winner is BJ, please send me your address.


  5. Dawgbones says:

    Congratulations BJ! and thanks to everyone that voted for me. I was pleasantly surprised to receive so many votes.

  6. White Boy says:

    “Chemgod” , stop bragging about who you met.. nobody cares.

  7. Congrats BJ. Thanks for the votes.

  8. BJ says:

    Thanks Dawgbones and Jeremy. Also thanks to those of you who voted for me.

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