I know the big story right now is Joe Paterno’s firing, but really a huge story getting overlooked is Nationals starting catcher Wilson Ramos was kidnapped last night from his Venezuela home.  Apparently four masked gunman took Ramos from his house.  No ransom demands had been made as of this post.  The story itself is just unfathomable, how can this happen?

In Venezuela it is actually very common, not only by criminals but also by the local police.  Many famous people that live in Venezuela actually use their own private security to keep this from happening.  Currently there are 81 active MLB players that live in Venezuela, guys like Pablo Sandoval and Elvis Andrews. Thats 81 potential kidnapping victims, these are some of the most well known people in the country and most if not all go back to Venezuela for the winter.

There have been several kidnappings in the country in the past but none that actually involved the player as the kidnap-pee.  I don’t know how this will play out, as the past has involved everything from paying the kidnappers to the victim ending up dead.  Either way this is a huge blow to major league baseball and it’s players.

Wilson’s autographed cards were selling for between $8 – $14 with some selling as high as $30.  He was considered a top 100 prospect for three years running and had a productive season with the Nationals this year hitting 0.267 with 15 homers and 52 RBIs.  He looks to be the catcher of the future, as long as he is safely returned.  I hope I can do a positive follow up story with this one and not a gloomy one.  Either way though this is a definite must follow story for any baseball fan.

What do you think about this story?


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  1. Bill says:

    I’m not a Nats fan but I live in the DC area and go to a lot of Nats games. Ramos is definitely a fan favorite – especially for the kids I know after some of the great ball he played in the first third of the season. But I don’t feel like this is getting the coverage it deserves – even here in DC. And he’s not making that much money so you’d think a ransom demand wouldn’t be that fruitful.

    Hope he comes home soon.

  2. charlie says:

    You would think that after all the money these guys make, they would stop living in third world countries

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