So I have been following the Hot Stove League news and when I was looking at some of the more popular free agents, I came across Bruce Chen as being a hot commodity.  I had to actually look at his stats over the past few years and hey wouldn’t you know he had a winning record the past two seasons with Kansas City.

All I can think of is how is this guy weighing different multi-year offers.  First off he is going to be 35 years old.  He has a career statline of 60-58, 4.52 ERA, with a WHIP of 1.388, this is over the course of 13 seasons.  Did I mention he is going to be 35?  I guess the truth holds up, lefties are worth their weight in gold even if they are very below average pitchers.

As far as Chen’s cards go, they are straight outta the dollar bin!  Actually none of his autographed cards have sold on eBay over the past two weeks.  Even at 99 cents.  The card below didn’t sell at 99 cents.  I’d tell you to sell while he’s hot, but apparently you can’t.


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  1. deal says:

    Just for the record I would like to point out that I blew a whopping $2 on this card back in 2009. I justified the spending spree on the fact that it was an on card auto. I feel ridiculous. .

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