Yesterday I got an email from someone buying this card:

STEVE LARGENT 2008 National Treasures Seahawks Logo Patch #1/1My gut feeling was that it is fake.  However there are several things that led me to believe otherwise:

    • It’s the National Treasures release (high end) so I can see something like this in that product.
    • It’s a one of one and it is a Prime Jersey (meaning it’s a patch)
    • The old school logo patch faces the other way:

Seattle Seahawks Team Patch Willabee & Ward 

  • I’m thinking if it’s fake, it had to be from an embroidered old school Seahawks jersey, which is both hard to find and expensive.

If I could find that patch I would call it fake, but I just think this one might be real, either that or a really good fake.  It does still bother me that there is no jersey showing.  I need to know everyone’s opinion on this and why, so . . . .

Is it real or fake?

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  1. Your point about the patch going the wrong way is rebutted in the picture on the card, where the Seahawk is pointed the same direction on the sleeve as it is on the card. However, I do notice a distinct difference in the patch from the picture to the patch. In the picture, look at the large white area on the beak. It is dramatically different from the smaller white area on the patch in the card. I think unless there is another place where this logo is found, I’d lean towards it being a fake. I wouldn’t put it past some sleezeball to try and “upgrade” the patch and make more money on it. Sure seems fishy to me…

  2. Why in the heck would someone fake a patch on a one of one? To what goal? It’s already unique, it’s not going to go up more in value with a different patch.


  3. Mike says:

    It could be part of a jersey off of a knock-off chinese import jersey you can buy online

  4. Moob says:

    This is why you shouldnt be making cards. Because of people like you, nobody knows what is real or what is fake anymore.

    • chemgod says:

      Again, all my cards have Bad Wax written on the back. It’s pretty obvious, plus I write that it’s a reprint autograph. There is no question.

      • Moob says:

        But it could be other people like yourself who are doing it, and possibly people you are inspiring to make their own cards

  5. Bill says:

    I don’t see where that patch is on the jersey. I did a google image search and too be honest most of the sleeve logos and stripes (especially in the 80’s) and screen-printed on, they aren’t sewn on. The other thing is that the size of that logo is the size of his whole arm. There is just no way that is fitting on the card – the whole thing would be the size of the card. Again, that just from a cursory seach.

    I don’t know about fake, but I can’t see where the logo would have come from.

  6. Corky says:

    The patch is 100% fake and I can guarantee it (at least I stand by my judgement). The design and colors are incorrect, the logo used from 1976 through 2001 used Blue, Green, Silver and White for colors and there was a white divider from the back of the eye to the back spliting the Blue (Top) and Green (Bottom) on the back of the head.

    This patch instead is using the modern Seahawk Blue and Bright Green, even though the eye is the original style and not the modern style. Additionally there is no divider from the eye to the back splitting the back of the head. Plus the beak is F’d up.

    This is not even from an official throwback jersey but probably a Hong-Kong knockoff.

    Hey, being a life-long Seahawks fan finally pays off.

    Before I posted I just went back to look at video footage from the 1986 and 1987 seasons and the Hawks did not wear embroidered patches, the logos on the sleeves were that screen printed iron-on crap and they had no other logos on their jerseys. The embroidered logos were not added until the change in uniform style in 2002 well after Largent retired. Just doing a quick image search and you will see enough close ups to realize that the logos were not patches.

  7. jj says:

    to defend chemgod Moob, those cards patches have been faked so much unless you pull it don’t account it’s credit. As far as the cards made from Bad Wax, they are undoubtably 100% better than what the real companies make and are stated as such with reprints, or other specifications so don’t knock the messager question the seller.

  8. Jay says:

    Yeah, “people like you” making these cool cards that we ask you to and then we happily pay for them. Because of “people like you” I’ve got some cards I consider works of art. In fact ,I cant tell the difference between some of your cards and art .
    Its not because of “people like you” .Its because of “some people” that every time I read “some peoples” absurd comments ,I wanna punch someone in the face.

  9. Jay says:

    You are welcome .Just speaking the truth. If “someone” dont like you or your product why dont they report you to the internet police and just go the flock away? You only do as people ask and you do it at a fair price and in a timely manner. It is rather classy of you (being the moderator and all ) to let “someone” post negativity about Bad Wax Customs on your own site without you deleting it. Just goes to show ,you only act in fairness to all .Even when “someone” doesnt deserve the respect ,they so deny you.
    Dont get me going .I might end up punching myself in the face ! (I hate when that happens !)

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